Human in Digital and Sustainable Economies -research group

Con­struct­ing sustainable prac­tices from the per­spect­ives of people, emer­ging tech­no­lo­gies and novel eco­nom­ies. Group is com­bin­ing people with emer­ging tech­no­lo­gies and novel eco­nom­ies.

Research group draws from the sustainability framework and combines three primary themes:

  1. Emphasis on consumers’ and end-users’ perspectives
  2. The extensive utilisation of novel digital technologies
  3. Examination of principles, prospects and alternatives of emerging economies

Research emphasis is on the perceptions of the people and stakeholders, revolutionary technologies ranging from digital solutions to biotechnologies, and novel forms of emerging economies such as platform economy, sharing economy and bioeconomy.

Aspiration to understand better individual, social and cultural practices characterise the research conducted within the group. Research projects combine the approaches of the social sciences as well as qualitative research methods and data. Group has sevral Ruralia Institute`s researchers involved: Toni Ryynänen, Torsti Hyyryläinen, Päivi Pylkkänen, Niko Räty, Natasha Järviö, Ryo Umeda and Jana Moritz.

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