Our main collaborators">Aiforia is a medical image analysis software company and our mission is to transform image-based diagnostics for better patient care.

AURIA Biobank is Finland’s first biobank. Approximately one million samples are stored in the biobank and used for medical research.

FinnGen is one of the very first personalized medicine projects at this scale and the public-private collaborative nature of the project is exceptional compared to many ongoing studies. FinnGen brings together Finnish universities, hospitals and hospital districts, THL, Blood Service, biobanks and international pharmaceutical companies and hundreds of thousands of Finns. Because collaboration is the key to achieving breakthroughs in disease prevention, diagnosis, and treatment, we welcome everyone on this journey into our shared heritage.

Hercules Project - Comprehensive characterization and effective combinatorial targeting of high-grade serous ovarian cancer via single-cell analysis.

HUS - Helsinki Biobank Helsinki Biobank is a hospital based biobank founded by the Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa (HUS), the University of Helsinki, Kymenlaakso Social and Health Services (Carea) and the South Karelia Social and Health Care District (Eksote).

iCAN Digital precision cancer medicine for discoveries and improved treatments.

IMI At the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI), we are working to improve health by speeding up the development of, and patient access to, innovative medicines, particularly in areas where there is an unmet medical or social need.

Systems Oncology Research Program in Systems Oncology (ONCOSYS) consists of basic, translational and clinical researchers who use cutting-edge measurement technology, patient data and AI methods in cancer research and oncology. The overall objective of ONCOSYS is to understand the underlying causes of cancer progression or treatment resistance, and to develop effective diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutic approaches.