Professor Olli Carpén's research group

Olli Carpén
Omar Youssef

Postdoctoral researcher, M.D., PhD

My principal research interests lie on the field of cancer genetics and biomarkers. By working in biobank-based research environment, my research project is focusing on genotyping of large sets of formalin fixed paraffin embedded (FFPE) specimens from cancer patients using customized SNP arrays. Going in parallel with FinnGen project, evaluation of the polygenic risk scores and cancer predisposition is the ultimate aim.

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Yossra H S Zidi-Mouaffak

M.D., Pathologist, PhD student in Clinical research doctoral program

I am focusing on colorectal cancer and my research involves multiplex immunostaining, digital imaging techniques, and machine learning.

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Anna Laury

M.D., Pathologist, PhD student

My primary research focus is prediction and prognostication of ovarian cancer using a large retrospective cohort of high grade serous carcinoma. We are using machine learning and image analysis of H&E slides to identify novel prognostic indicators, and combining molecular data with image analysis and immunohistochemistry with the aim of identifying novel predictive markers. I am also involved in an immunohistochemistry/immunofluorescence project investigating a potential stem cell niche in high grade serous carcinoma.  

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Kristiina Nokelainen

Lab technician

Satu Hänninen

MSc, Cell biologist

I am focusing on RNA in situ hybridization.


Kia Colangelo

BSc, Master's thesis worker


Iona Raineva

BSc, Master's thesis worker


Noora Andersson

Previous group member

Post doctoral researcher

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