Group members

People working in Oral Cancer research group.
Tuula Salo


DDS, PhD, Professor of Oral Pathology

Ahmed Al-Samadi

Postdoctoral researcher, DDS, PhD

Abdelhakim Salem

DDS, PhD, Adjunct Professor

Supervisor for Doctoral Programme in Oral Sciences (FINDOS)

Supervisor for Doctoral Programme in Clinical Research (KLTO)

Katja Korelin

PhD student, MSc

My work focuses on developing representative in vitro methods for the high-throughput drug screening and personalized cancer medicine by providing a fully human tumor-based matrix for cancer cells.

Rabeia Mustafa

PhD student, DDS

Meri Sieviläinen

Phd Student, DDS 

I am investigating immune therapies involving immune checkpoints and their prognostic relevance in oral cancer. My aim in research is to help ongoing clinical trials to improve immune checkpoint related therapies.

Erika Naakka

PhD student, Laboratory coordinator, MSc

My research revolves around three-dimensional (3D) in vitro modeling. My work aims to develope novel methods and materials for drug development and for studying cancer growth and behaviour in vitro.

Wafa Wahbi

PhD student, MSc

Aini Hyytiäinen

PhD student, BDS

Ilida Suleymanova

Programmer/Data consulting

As part of my long-term goal, I wish to contribute and pursue my career in the field involving mathematical and computational approaches to analyze biological data.

Sini Karinen

PhD student, MSc

Awais Wahab

PhD Student

I am a PhD candidate and my thesis project is Identification of simple and valuable prognostic markers for oral cancer.

Tuulia Ingman

PhD Student, MSc

Roosa Hujanen

PhD student

Matti Mauramo

Postdoctoral researcher, DDS, PhD

Rayan Mroueh

PhD student, DDS

Ilkka Heikkinen

PhD student, BDS

Krista Laurila

Alumni Laboratory Technician

Douwe Hoornstra


Postdoctoral researcher, MSc, PhD

Yue Zhao


Master student (TRANSMED), BSc

Jenni Vasara


Senior laboratory technician, MSc

Shrabon Hasnat

PhD student