Mixed Reality Hub is a university research group focusing on sales, marketing and educational research.

The research concentrates on digitally supported service concepts that utilize novel visualizations tools such as virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality. Interpersonal interaction as a part of service design is a focal part of the research.

Sales research laboratory

The research group provides various concepts for sales research. Sales research laboratory at the heart of Helsinki makes it possible to implement controlled research setups including physiological measuring. Portable equipment make it possible to use multiple tools for implementing research in-situ at service provider's or customer's site. Further, different kinds of pop-up events can be organized for collecting data. The gropus provides possibilities to validate your own concepts or prototype services by using MRStudio - originally a university teaching platform created by the group - to test ideas rapidly. By generating and validating measurement tools, the research is focused on user experience, user value, and user engagement.

Service design principles for marketing and sales tools can be found here (only in Finnish):


Educational research

The group is experienced in the fields of technology and service innovation, management and strategy development research in various industries including machinery, natural resources, medicine and education to name a few. The group is also actively involved in developing educational technologies and new pedagogical concepts. The team aims at lowering the barrier to companies and education organizations for creating and testing new, digitally supported service concepts. The hub integrates information from application developers, customers, business managers, students and teachers to accelerate the business ecosystem development in the field of industrial training and teaching.

Check out the latest training and educational videos and research setups from our youtube channel: