Mixed Reality HUB team consists of talented individuals.

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Petri Parvinen

Professor: Strategic Marketing and Management (University of Helsinki); Selling and Sales Management (Aalto University)

Petri Parvinen is leading MRHub research group with is extensive and multidisciplinary experience. His research interests are high-growth business and venturing: Digital selling, dynamic algorithms, bioeconomy, industry transformation and learning.

+358 50 3766 392

Osmo Mattila

Postdoctoral researcher: Service research

PhD Osmo Mattila is a digital service design researcher. He is interesting in how to design novel digital technologies to be integral parts of service processes - and in validating the value of service designs by research. Besides technology and service research he has strong sectoral knowlede of bioeconomy.

+358 44 030 8177

Jani Holopainen

Postdoctoral researcher: Service and information system design research

PhD Jani Holopainen is a service and information system design researcher. His topics of interests are customer psychology and learning, service ecosystems, human-computer interactions, technology aided marketing and sales.

+358 50 376 6392

Essi Pöyry

Postdoctoral researcher: Social media and consumer research

PhD Essi Pöyry is profiled as a social media researcher. Her topics of interest cover electronic commerce, customer engagement, human-computer interaction, customer relationship management and data economy. Essi works at the Centre for Consumer Society Research.

Ilona Södervik

Postdoctoral researcher: Pedagogics research

PhD Ilona Södervik’s study concerns the development of expertise in the context of life sciences. She is particularly interested in questions that deal with the challenges related to conceptual understanding of complex phenomena. Methodologically, she combines both surveys and eye tracking.

+358 50 317 6375

Antti Lähtevänoja

Doctoral student: pedagogics research

MSc Antti Lähtevänoja is specialized in pedagogics research that is assisted by immersive digital technologies. The topic of his PhD aims at scientifically validating the best learning designs that are implemented by using virtual reality and augmented reality.


Mikko Vermanen

Doctoral student: Mixed Reality aided IoT sales

MSc Mikko Vermanen conducts research on Mixed Reality aided IoT sales. In the experimental setups the focus is on validading the value of technology aided sales in various fields: customer learning, customer relationship management, customer engagement, proceeding in the marketing and sales funnel. The research follows the Design Science Research Methodology and the aim is to develop and design better IoT sales systems. The implications are drawn to both system designers and sales personnel.

Katri Rusanen

Master's Thesis student

An experimental study of forestry education: Expertise and credibility in a Mixed Reality application

Department of Forest Sciences, University of Helsinki

Niko Pöllänen

Master's thesis student

Using virtual reality in sales negotiation - an ethnographic approach

Department of Forest Sciences, University of Helsinki

Arto Korhonen

Master's Thesis student

Perceived restorativeness of an immersive virtual reality

Department of Forest Sciences, University of Helsinki

Miina Kalso

Master's thesis student

Digital service design in tourism in the museum context

University of Lapland

Karishma Munilal

Master's thesis student

Explaining and understanding complex systems in virtual reality

Aalto University

Jaana Rantala

Master's thesis student

Developing the measures for organization learning in MR – multiple case study design

Department of Forest Sciences, University of Helsinki

Helena Lehtonen

Master's thesis student

Learning experiments on Massive Open Online Courses and Mixed Reality – developing content and usability

Department of Forest Sciences, University of Helsinki

Lian Lao

Master's Thesis student

Data visualizations, sensory and service designs in Mixed Reality – optimizing the customer experience and engagement

Juho Kuukka

Master's Thesis student

Virtual Reality fair and sales applications improving the communication and customer learning

Honorary Members

Pilvi "The Cloud" Ahtinen (2018): Mixed reality in craft education

Riikka "Rapid deployment" Vehviläinen (2018): Mixed Reality in Timber Trade and Forest Management Advisory Services

Kalle "Roope" Riihikoski (2018): Comparing mixed reality devices in sales and marketing - Studying touchpoints with different stakeholders

Kalle "Iconic" Ikonen (2017): Digital forest services and customer segmentations (Kalle Ikonen)

Samuel "Husqvarna" Heinonen (2017): New business models and technologies in the forest service market