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MSc theses

Sales outcome measures for increased customer value with MR sales tools (Roope Riihikoski)

Mixed Reality in teaching – Case University of Helsinki Mixed Reality Studio (Pilvi Ahtinen)

Developing the measures for organization learning in MR – multiple case study design (Jaana Rantala)

Learning experiments on Massive Open Online Courses and Mixed Reality – developing content and usability (Helena Lehtonen)

Data visualizations, sensory and service designs in Mixed Reality – optimizing the customer experience and engagement (Lian Lao)

Virtual Reality fair and sales applications improving the communication and customer learning (Juho Kuukka)

Digital forest services and customer segmentations (Kalle Ikonen)

New business models and technologies in the forest service market (Samuel Heinonen)

Timber trade and advisory services in Mixed Reality – service design approach (Riikka Vehviläinen)

Mixed Reality Advertisement Parameters – Effects on brand image, recognition and recall (Niko Paavola)

Case study on business model development among Mixed Reality SMEs – Effects on customer engagement, lead generation, and information flow (Niko Pöllänen)

Determining the critical tools and features for Mixed Reality Sales Kit through field experiments (Tomi Kyöstilä)

Digital service design in tourism in the museum context (Miina Kalso)

Explaining and understanding complex systems in virtual reality (Karishma Mu­nilal)

Perceived restorativeness of an immersive virtual reality (Arto Korhonen)

An experimental study of forestry education: Expertise and credibility in a Mixed Reality application (Katri Rusanen)