PhD, Principal Investigator

Assistant Professor of Mitochondrial Medicine &

Academy of Finland Research Fellow

E-mail: thomas.mcwilliams [at]

Post-doctoral Scientist (2018-Present)

Dr. Fumi Suomi has a multidisciplinary training background with extensive experience in mitochondrial cell biology. She completed her undergraduate studies in Japan (B.Sc. - Kansai University & M.Sc. - Kyoto University), where she focused on enzymology in fission yeast. Following this, she undertook doctoral research at the University of Oulu, Finland. Here, Dr. Suomi developed an interest in mitochondrial signalling in mammals and graduated with a Ph.D. in Biochemistry. Through undertaking TEKES-funded postdoctoral research at Oulu, she diversified her expertise and developed skills in live cell imaging in 3D culture conditions to be applied to high throughput image analysis and machine learning. Subsequently, she relocated to the University of Helsinki to work on mitochondrial membrane dynamics in coordination with mitochondrial translation with Dr. Brendan Battersby.  Here she developed extensive experience in mitochondrial biochemistry and cell biology. She actively co-organises the Viikki Biocampus Women's Life Science Network at the University of Helsinki ( In 2018, she joined the McWilliams lab to pursue research into mitochondrial quality control in health and disease.



Laboratory Co-Ordinator (2018-Present)

Kirsi is a seasoned laboratory technician and joins the McWilliams and Suomalainen-Wartiovaara Laboratories as a Laboratory Co-ordinator. Kirsi holds a Bachelors of Laboratory Sciences (Helsinki Metropolitan University of Life Sciences) and has completed courses in Chemistry and Pharmacology (Universities of Eastern Finland & Jyväskylä, respectively). Having spent 8 years as a laboratory analyst within the laboratories of Academy Professor Kari Alitalo and Dr. Riikka Kivelä (University of Helsinki), she is highly experienced with a plethora of molecular, biochemical, cell biology & pathology techniques. Kirsi ensures the smooth running of our lab by performing essential roles and stremlining tasks in addition to contributing to more specialist research projects. Outside of the lab, Kirsi is a keen triathalon competitor, an avid literature enthusiast and enjoys discovering the rich delights of the Finnish landscape.


Opportunities will be posted in 2018. Please contact me directly if interested.