#Newschool project

School development requires high-quality broad-based pedagogical leadership, which builds inclusive and interactive school culture.

In the broad-based pedagogical leadership framework, leadership is seen as a multidimensional phenomenon. Broad-based pedagogical leadership includes direct pedagogical leadership, human resources management, strategic leadership, as well as a symbolic leadership dimension. In this project, broad-based pedagogical leadership is examined as practices and interaction, which take place within different leadership structures and, more generally, between all who work at the school. The Centre for Educational Assessment CEA participates in the #newschool project, by producing research-based knowledge on the leadership structures, leadership-team practices, and manifestation of broad-based pedagogical leadership within participating schools.

Basic information

The #newschool project is part of the Ministry of Education and Culture’s project New Comprehensive Education

Project funding: The National Agency for Education

Project duration: 04/2019 - 08/2020

CEA responsible researcher within project: Raisa Ahtiainen, PhD (Ed.), postdoctoral researcher, Faculty of Educational Sciences, University of Helsinki

CEA contact person within project: Lauri Heikonen, PhD (Ed.), postdoctoral researcher, Faculty of Educational Sciences, University of Helsinki

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The #newschool project is part of the New Comprehensive Education programme. The programme aims to support student-centeredness of comprehensive schools, increase teachers’ skills, and strengthen open and community-oriented school culture. As part of the #newschool project in 16 municipalities, process training will be organised for the leadership teams of schools in the area in order to develop interactive school culture and leadership. University of Helsinki Centre for Educational Assessment participates in the #newschool project by producing research-based knowledge to support the development of leadership-team work. The research aims to map the leadership structures of comprehensive schools participating in the project. The research focuses particularly on examining leadership teams and interaction between leadership teams and school communities.

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