Broad-based pedagogical leadership development project

The success of educational institutions demands a comprehensive understanding of school leadership.

Broad-based pedagogical leadership offers tools for analysing questions related to leadership and developing schools’ activities as an inclusive practice for the whole school community. In the Broad-Based Pedagogical Leadership project, teachers’ expertise in leadership of educational institutions is developed in collaboration with the educational institutions. A model based on broad, shared pedagogical leadership is being constructed alongside the project activity.

Basic information

The Broad-Based Pedagogical Leadership development project is part of University of Helsinki’s teacher-education development project.

Project funding: Ministry of Education and Culture (2017)

Project duration: 09/2017 - 12/2019

Project leader: prof. Arto Kallioniemi, Faculty of Educational Sciences, University of Helsinki

Contact person: post-doctoral researcher Raisa Ahtiainen, PhD (Ed.), Faculty of Educational Sciences, University of Helsinki


The Broad-Based Pedagogical Leadership project gives pre-service teachers and teachers skills needed for taking responsibility and participating in the leadership processes of educational institutions. The project builds skills for teachers and prs-service teachers to follow the principles of shared leadership: teachers are active agents in developing their educational institution, and commit strongly to its development and leadership. The project further develops the approach of broad-based pedagogical leadership expertise. Together with students of the Department of Teacher Education, the project develops Bachelor and Master’s level training in leadership of educational institutions, as well as content for the International Master’s education.