INCLEAD research investigates how the comprehensive school and early childhood education and care (ECEC) center leaders see inclusion and leadership in an inclusive educational context.
Basic information

Project time: 25/10/2021-31/12/2024


Responsible researchers: Raisa Ahtiainen, Kati Sormunen, Anni Loukomies & Tapio Lahtero



The aim is to gain understanding regarding the attitudes and beliefs of school and ECEC leaders towards inclusive education, and to further examine what actions and procedures promote effective implementation of the principle of inclusion. Leaders play a significant role in creating and fostering a culture of inclusiveness and developing and implementing inclusion practices, and to understand the needs and concerns of their students with different needs, leaders should maintain competence in special education. Successful promotion of well-functioning inclusive practices may decrease teacher burnout, increase teacher retention, and provide more time devoted to actual teaching and learning.