Past events


Side Event "Pro­duc­tion and Trans­mis­sion of Tra­di­tional Know­ledge in Indigenous Un­der­stand­ing" at 18th UN­PFII (April 25), United Na­tions Headquar­ters, NYC, USA

The Arts for Justice, Indigenous Co­ali­tion Build­ing and Artistic Prac­tices (April 15), University of Helsinki

Indigenous Stud­ies Vis­it­ing Sem­inar: Mak­ing of En­cyc­lo­paedic At­las of Apur­inã language, oral his­tory, and culture. Prof. Sidney Facundes, Federal University of Pará, Brazil (April 1), University of Helsinki

Sámi álbmotbeaivi / Sámi National Day (February 6), University of Helsinki.

Guest lecture by Prof. Andrew Wiget (Moscow State University): The Khanty of Siberia and Circumpolar Bear Ceremonialism (January 18), University of Helsinki.


Closing symposium of the network Indigenous Research Methods in Academia: Re-searching Indigenous Methodologies and Engaging Communities (November 20-21), Sajos, Inari. Program

Bridging Cultural Concepts of Nature: A transnational Symposium on Indigenous Places and Protected Spaces of Nature (September 20-21), University of Helsinki.

Public Lecture by Dr. Chiara Minestrelli (University of the Arts London): It’s the “Abodigital”: Technological Approaches and Transnational Frameworks in the Struggle for Indigenous Rights in Australia (September 13), University of Helsinki.

Panel discussion: Arctic Railway Plans Between Finland and Norway and Indigenous Peoples’ Rights (September 6), University of Helsinki.

Seminar: The Materiality of Indigenous Languages: Co-Creating Landscapes (June 5-6), University of Helsinki.

Panel discussion: The Women of Standing Rock (May 23), University of Helsinki.

Future-symposium: On Thinking, Crafting and Claiming the Future(s) (February 12–13), University of Helsinki.

Sámi álbmotbeaivi / Sámi National Day (February 6), University of Helsinki.

Guest lecture by Czech photographer Stanislav Krupař: Shamans of Siberia. A Long-Term Documentary Project in the Tyva Republic, Russia (February 1), University of Helsinki.


International Conference on the Indigenous Peoples’ Rights to Their Cultural Heritage (November 16–17), University of Helsinki.

Indigeneity in the Arctic: Local and Global Experiences (January 19-20), University of Helsinki.

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