Indigenous Studies staff and associated researchers.
Pirjo Kristiina Virtanen

Associate professor, coordinator of the program

Amazonia, research ethics, biodiversity, Indigenous research methodologies, relational onto-epistemologies, Indigenous sustainability, biocultural heritage, Indigenous knowledge, temporality

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Phone: +358294140020

Hanna Guttorm

Senior Researcher, Kone Foundation fellow 2020–2024, postdoctoral fellow within Sustainability Science (HELSUS) (2018-2020).

Indigenous research methodologies, Indigenous cosmologies, Sámi ontologies, Indigenous sustainability, traditional ecological knowledge, post qualitative research methods, research writing

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Phone: +358294140043

Victoria Peemot

Postdoctoral researcher, Kone Foundation fellow

human-nonhuman relationships, memory politics, Indigenous methodologies, environmental humanities

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Francisco Moura Cândido Apurinã

Postdoctoral researcher, Indigenous Studies

Human-environment interactions, Indigenous sacred places and their protection

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Maria Fedina

Doctoral researcher, Indigenous Studies

Finno-Ugric peoples of Russia, Indigenous peoples of the North, the Arctic, self-determination

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Outi Laiti

Associated researcher

Sámi games, Indigenous games, Game jamming, Indigenous Game Design, Indigenous worldview, Indigenous research methodologies, Intangible heritage, Ethnoprogramming, Indigenous programming, Indigenous ICT, Human-Computer Interaction

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Stef Spronck


Associated University Postdoctoral researcher

Indigenous languages of Australia, linguistic field methods

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Phone: +358294123320

Jelena Porsanger



Associated Senior researcher

Indigenous research methodologies, Sámi epistemology

Phone: +4792262212

Irja Seurujärvi-Kari


Associated Senior researcher

Indigenous Studies, Sámi languages, language revitalization, Indigenous movement, language policy, indigeneity, Sámi movement, indigenous women's leadership

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Phone: +358400876222


Reetta Toivanen


Associated Researcher, HELSUS Professor in Sustainability Science (Indigenous Sustainabilities)

Critical narratives on Europe, the Arctic, human rights, Indigenous sustainabilities, youth, equality, human rights education

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Phone:  +358294123737

Dorothee Cambou


Assistant professor in Sustainability science

Indigenous peoples' rights, land and resource governance, self-determinaton issues, energy justice

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Phone: +358294123271

Álvaro Fernández-Llamazares


Associated Researcher

Indigenous and Local Knowledge, ethnoecology, biocultural diversity 

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Rani-Henrik Andersson


Associated University Lecturer

Indigenous peoples of North America, nature parks and Indigenous govenrance, TEK

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Phone: +358294121725

Vanesa Martin Galan


Postdoctoral researcher

Bolivian lowlands, Indigenous ontologies, Meteorology, Climate change, Pollution, Collaborative / Indigenous research methodologies


Vesa Matteo Piludu

Associated researcher

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