Indigenous Studies Writing Retreat

Monday 23 to Friday 27 September 2019 at Kilpisjärvi Biological Research Station.

Retreat led by Dr. Mere Kepa (Aoteorea, NZ) & Dr. Linita Manuatu (Tonga)

The purpose of the first Indigenous Studies writing retreat in Finland is to provide quality conditions and encouragement for doctoral candidates and researchers to complete a substantial piece of academic writing for publication and to contribute to Indigenous scholarship. The writing retreat will provide the writers with an opportunity to develop their manuscripts, to extend Indigenous research networks, and to enable cross disciplinary conversations related to Indigenous research methodologies. The published writers Dr. Mere Kepa and Dr. Linita Manu’atu will be available to mentor and support. 

The retreat is a sanctuary for the writers. Firstly, the retreat provides the writers the opportunity to engage with Indigenous Studies and its scholarly decolonising framework at the University of Helsinki. Secondly, the retreat offers the writers the opportunity to network, collaborate, and consult with other scholarly writers. Kilpisjärvi Biological Research station and Indigenous Studies will provide a scholarly environment and a programme which is invigorating, stimulating and enjoyable. The writing retreat enables space for the writers to share ideas as a member of the collective of Indigenous academics traversing disciplines. This space also gives you time to present your research findings, discuss issues related to your research or other issues related to Indigenous research. During the retreat, the writers will have the opportunity, after dinner, to:

  • facilitate a discussion session, 
  • present research information, or 
  • participate in high level discussion related to research issues that affect the [international] indigenous research community and, therefore, inform Indigenous Studies about current research issues. 

The participants can also join a book entitled, A Concept of an Indigenous Writing Retreat.

The timetable, apart from meals and the after-dinner session, is quite flexible to enable you time to network, collaborate and work collegially.

The participants should take care of their own travel arrangements. One of the options is to fly to Kittilä on Sunday 22nd Sept, and the plan is to take a collective transportation from there to Kilpisjärvi. The costs in Kilpisjärvi are around 40€ per day, including accommodation and daily meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner).

Registration is extended until August 6th. If you are interested, please send an email to