Indigenous studies launches new EU-funded project

Indigenous studies of the University of Helsinki is a member of the EDGES consortium aiming at ethically entangling and elevating Indigenous knowledge in academia.

Indigenous Studies was granted significant funding from the European Commission through the Marie Curie Staff Exchanges program. EDGESEntangling Indigenous Knowledges in Universities is composed of 150 staff members from 18 institutions from Europe, South and North America. This international academic network will allow a mobility of 14 Indigenous Studies researchers from the University of Helsinki to member universities. Altogether, they will make over 30 visits (secondments), each with duration of one month. During 2024–2027, the University of Helsinki will also receive 7 researchers from the network partner universities. 

EDGES aims to advance collaborative methodologies and strategies to entangle Indigenous knowledge in research, teaching, and societal interactions of universities, such as to policy making. It contributes to a pluralistic and decolonial approach at multiple scales.  

As part of the diverse events of the network that the EDGES organizes, is the final conference on Indigenous education, which will be organized at the University of Helsinki in 2027. 


Contact: professor Pirjo Kristiina Virtanen