Monitoring and birds as indicators of environmental change

Birds are responding fast to environmental changes and their population changes have been monitored for a long time. This makes them good indicators species.

Habitats and their quality are changing all the time because of human influence and natural processes. Impacts of agriculture, forestry, drainage of peatlands and eutrophication are examples of human caused habitat changes. Succession of forests and fluctuation of the seed crop of tree species are on the other hand examples of natural processes, which affect habitat type and quality. My group uses bird monitoring data to study how bird populations fluctuate and how populations are responding to changes in the environment. Finnish monitoring schemes are part of international monitoring network and I'm acting in the board of the European Bird Census Council, which coordinates the bird monitoring in Europe. In recent years state of the biodiversity has been increasingly started to monitor using status indicators of species. My projects include developing and updating of habitat specific status indicators of birds.