Birds in changing climate

Climate change is shifting species ranges and abundances in space and time, but also affecting morphology of species.

In addition to human caused habitat change, global climate change affects the environment. The effect of climate change on populations is not necessarily independent, but interacts with land use practicies. Climate change causes shifts in species' migration and breeding phenology and distribution areas. My group is studying for instance, which factors are explaining the species-specific variation in response to climate change

Post-doc Laura Bosco investigates cumulative responses of birds to climate change.

Doctoral researcher Josephine Couet investigates altitudinal changes of bird communities under climate change in Europe.

Doctoral researcher Katja Koskenpato investigates variation in winter survival of tawny owl colour morphs.

Post-doc Emma-Liina Marjakangas is examining the role of climate change on bird communities.

Post-doc Yanjie Xu studies potential climate driven spread of pathogenic diseases carried by birds and bats.