Conservation, environmental change and management

Understanding how environmental change is affecting populations of species is essential to conduct sufficient conservation and management actions.

Traditional nature conservation is to establish protection areas for species. Status of the protection areas does not necessarily remain stable because of large-scale environmental changes such as climate change and eutrophication. For instance climate change is shifting species distributions, but position of the protection areas are constant. Because of this, it is important to investigate do the protection areas ameliorate species in relation to climate driven range shifts. Quality of the protection areas can also be improved using management actions. To make management cost-efficient, it is important to investigate the effects of different action types.

Doctoral Researcher Anna Haukka studies what kind of species are vulnerable for illegal and legal trade of birds.

Postdoctoral Researcher Sanna Mäkeläinen evaluates effects of land use on birds and flying squirrel using environmental impact assessment data.

Doctoral Researcher Sirke Piirainen is examining what factors affect species' risk to be endangered.