Fundamentals of radiation effects in materials

The laboratory has a long track record of studying the theory of radiation effects in materials.

Since the 1990's, we have been forerunners in using molecular dynamics to study radiation effects in all classes of materials at energies ranging from meV to GeV's.

The many fundamental topics studied since the 1990's include:

  • First studies of the reasons to the difference in damage production in semiconductors vs. metals.
  • Development of models for realistic atom-level modelling of swift heavy ion effects in materials.
  • Determination of the nuclear stopping power of antiprotons.
  • Development of a multiscale molecular dynamics method to determine channeling in all crystal directions.
  • Demonstration that the threshold displacement energy may be used to give a daily variation in a dark matter detection concept.

Senior scientists involved:
Prof. Kai Nordlund
Prof. Flyura Djurabekova
Docent Antti Kuronen