XI International workshop on sap flow in Hyytiälä

XI International workshop on sap flow was held in Hyytiälä from October 7th to 11th, in collaboration with INAR and International Society for Horticultural Sciences. The workshop gathered 82 researchers from all continents to discuss and present their latest results on water dynamics in trees and crops.

In addition to scientific program that included talks and poster sessions on site, and three remote presentations via video link, the workshop guests enjoyed the evening program including dance performances, film and of course, sauna and kota by the lake. The group also visited SMEAR II station (see below) and climbed to a measurement scaffold to take in the views of autumnal boreal forest. Boreal landscape was enjoyed also during a field trip to Siikaneva wetland (see above) and Boreal Dinner.


The organisation team (Yann Salmon, Teemu Hölttä, Timo Vesala and Kaisa Rissanen) wishes to thank all Hyytiälä staff for making the workshop memorable, and all the participants for who actually made the workshop!