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This paper has been selected to the Nature Communications' Editors’ Highlights webpage of recent research on “Climate change impacts” .

Roderick Dewar, Teemu Hölttä and Yann Salmon have published a new paper on a simple analytically-solvable model of stomatal responses to above- and below-ground environmental factors, as well as internal sink activity. The model is based on an optimal trade-off between stomatal and non-stomatal limitations to photosynthesis, and its predictions are supported by experimental data from girdling and drought experiments. The paper is published in New Phytologist and is available here.

  • Ingram S., Salmon Y., Lintunen A., Hölttä T., Vesala T., and Vehkamäki H. (2021) Dynamic Surface Tension Enhances the Stability of Nanobubbles in Xylem Sap, Frontiers in Plant Science, section Plant Biophysics and Modeling,
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  • Held, M., Ganthaler, A., Lintunen, A., Oberhuber, W., and Mayr, S. Tracheid and pit dimensions hardly vary in the xylem of Pinus sylvestris under contrasting growing conditions. Frontiers in Plant Science, accepted for publication, 2021.

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