'Take this seriously!' - a SITRA report on the climate change

Combined effort of experts from different fields to highlight the effects and mitigation of climate change


Sitra, the public fund aimed at building a successful Finland, published 30th of October, 2016, a report called 'Take this seriously!' (Ottakaa tämä vakavasti!) on the effects of climate change. Professor Jaana Bäck, the leader of ecosystem processes group, was part of the independent expert team writing the report. The other team members, experts from different fields, were Juhani Damski, Pekka Haavisto, Lea Kauppi, Kirsi Latola, Matti Liski, Mari Pantsar, Juha Pekkanen, Oras Tynkkynen, Olli Varis, Mari Walls and Peter Lund.

The report consists of specialised articles by each of the experts, and a ten-point list of the concrete things on which we should concentrate right now. In the list, the many-sided role of forests in the climate change is mentioned and it also encourages Finland to build a more ambitious climate policy. In her article, Jaana Bäck discusses the question on the carbon neutrality of forests: how should the forest management and use develop in order to bind as much carbon as possible into the forests and wood products, for as long time as possible?

The other articles treated the subjects of use of other natural resources and arctic areas, energy efficiency and water questions, as well as the effects of climate change on safety, public health and economy.

The article of Sitra on the report (in Finnish)

The report: Ottakaa tämä vakavasti! (in Finnish).