Pro Scientia award for professor Jaana Bäck

Professor Jaana Bäck received the The Pro Scientia award of Finnish Academy of Science and Letters because of her work for science and its visibility also in public discussion. The award was given at Säätytalo on 13th of November, 2017.

'I'm naturally very honoured and grateful for this acknowledgement. Especially I'm very proud for the title of the price, 'Pro Scientia, Tieteen puolesta', because working for science and promoting scientific arguments in societal discussion is of course one of the main drivers for my work' Jaana Bäck says. 

The new Pro Scientia award aims to encourage the visibility of science for larger public, and acknowledge valuable scientists and their work for science and society. Professor Jaana Bäck has been actively promoting science, for example, by leading the EASAC raport of the multi-functional and sustainable use of European forestst, a project combining the expertise of tens of experts from fourteen different countries. Since its publication, the outcome of the raport has been cited, discussed and used in many occasions, including the preparation processes of European parliament. 

'I also hope that this empowers all female scientists to bravely go ahead with their career'. 

More on the award in the Finnish Academy of Science and Letters news (in finnish).