'In the Atmosphere' - a book on the research of atmospheric sciences from Thsernobyl to current research

The history of SMEAR stations and environment - atmospheric sciences in hard covers

The new book 'In the atmosphere' (Yhdessä Ilmakehässä) by Mai Allo introduces the work of the Center of Excellence of Atmospheric Sciences in an interesting way and what is most important, in simple terms. The book tells the history of SMEAR stations and the key persons, from the first samplings of the radioactive fallout after the Chernobyl disaster in 1986, until the current day's wide range of research fields and future plans on expanding the SMEAR infrastructure. All this without forgetting the everyday work of researches including the highlights as well as the unstable instruments and problems in model fitting.

The book has been recognised in a review by TIEDE magazine (in Finnish) as well as in H2020 Special reports (in English). Also, an interview of the author Mai Allo can be found from Areena (in Finnish).