Hyytiälä and Siikaneva measurement sites now certified ICOS stations

Hyytiälä forest site was certified as Atmospheric station and Siikaneva wetland site as Ecosystem station in ICOS (Integrated Carbon Observation System) network.

In total seven stations in Europe received ICOS certificate: in addition to the two stations in Finland, these stations locate in Belgium, Italy, Germany and France. The rest of 140 ICOS stations are expected to reach the certificate standards in following years.

The certificate confirms that the stations produce standardized data for analysing European level greenhouse gas sources and sinks and advance of climate change. Standardized data over Europe is needed to enhance understanding of climate change and help in mitigation. One of the aims is to better distinguish between natural and anthropogenic fluxes of greenhouse gases. 

More information and press release on ICOS Finland webpage and ICOS RI webpage.