Eero Nikinmaa 1961-2017

A memorial text of recently deceased Emeritus professor and former Ecosystem processes group leader Eero Nikinmaa published in Helsingin sanomat.

Read the text in finnish here.

Professor Eero Nikimaa was born 14th of February in Vironlahti and died 18th of March 2017 due to a genetic ALS disease. Already in hight school he studied abroad in Atlantic College in Southern Wales, after which he started studies at the Department of Forest Sciences, leading him to defend his thesis "Analysis of Growth of Scots pine: Matching Structure with Function". After this he spent a year at the University of Quebec in Montreal, and was nominated as a professor of forest and atmosphere interactions in University of Helsinki in 2009.

Nikinmaa was a popular professor and an imaginative researcher with an international mindset and vaste network. He was a part of the central group starting SMEAR II station measuring gas and matter fluxed in Hyytiälä forestry station, the data of which is largely used.


Memory text written by Nikinmaa's brother Mikko Nikinmaa and collegues Timo Vesala and Jaana Bäck.