Academy of Finland Research Fellow position to Anna Lintunen

University researcher Anna Lintunen received Academy of Finland Research Fellow position for the years 2023-2027. She will study the role of bark in tree survival under drought stress and the acronym of the project is ROBAST.

In recent years, cases of widespread forest mortality have been recorded worldwide. Our current understanding still cannot explain why some trees die and some survive, and variation and changes in bark conductance is a plausible hypothesis that will be tested in this project. She will study with her team the role of bark in tree survival in dry conditions when stomata are closed due to active regulation thus minimizing foliage water loss and photosynthesis, but water loss through bark and bark photosynthesis continue. She will use a unique combination of field and laboratory experiments on bark structure and function and their plasticity to climatic conditions and combine the measurements with modelling of tree hydraulics, regional tree mortality and land-surface modelling to allow improved estimates of species performance and survival in future climate scenarios. The results help us to better understand forest resilience and the integrity of forest carbon sinks in changing climate.