A public letter on the planned use of finnish forests and its effects on climate


The new forest use strategies aiming at more intensive logging and use of forests products, for example, as an alternative energy source, can threaten to reduce biodiversity and speed up the climate change.

Several researchers in the forest, environment, biology and climate sectors have united to write a public letter critisizing these forest use strategies in the light of current knowledge on forests' role in climate change. The two main points of the letter state that the planned increase of forest will not constrain climate change in tens of years, and that the current and planned use of forests will endanger the forest nature biodiversity.

The letter concludes:

The research results on the forest use's effects on climate and biodiversity must considered in the strategic decision making. Otherwise, we risk to accelerate to climate change and the empover the forest nature. It is especially important to find solutions that can controle climate change and secure biodiversity. These solutions would increase the carbon sink and the carbon strorage in the forests and wood products. We hope that this letter evokes national and international discussion on how forest use strategies can be aligned to accomplish the climate commitments without endangering the biodiversity.

The letter was published in a discussion event at the Forum for Environmental Research,  last Friday, March 24th.

 The whole text can be found here (in Finnish).

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