About HALS

Do you speak Erzya? Or Ndebele?

You know about the importance of biodiversity. Now discover linguistic diversity – the social glue of our globe.

There are between 6000 and 7000 different languages spoken on our planet. They are used to express both joy and grief, for both profit (in a business meeting) and pleasure (when reading a book).

In HALS – Helsinki Diversity Linguistics Group, the researchers aim to study how to maintain this wonderful linguistic diversity and support people's linguistic well-being.

HALS paves the way to a better understanding of languages and their cultural context and history.

In order to support research on language in various cultural contexts, HALS organizes a range of activities, including seminars and workshops, and also joint excursions to different field sites for students and researchers in language-related disciplines at the University of Helsinki.

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Current steering group of HALS

Ulla-Maija Forsberg, Riho Grünthal, Ekaterina Gruzdeva, Juha Janhunen, Jouko Lindstedt, Matti Miestamo, and Janne Saarikivi


For more information, you may contact HALS coordinator Andrei Dumitrescu.
e-mail: andrei.dumitrescu(at)helsinki.fi

We also invite you to subscribe to our mailing list. Send an e-mail containing subscribe hals-info <your address here> to majordomo at helsinki dot fi. You will then be updated regularly on on-going activities and can be sure not to miss any deadline for registration concerning our diverse activities.