Linguistic Field Trips

During HALS field trips, students and researchers will be working on a range of topics individually or in small teams.

The idea behind this is to provide the opportunity to learn how to carry out fieldwork in a real-life scenario. Throughout the stay, there is the opportunity to discuss results and challenges with fellow students and more advanced researchers in a confidential atmosphere. At the end of the excursion, we hope to have achieved two objectives: The participants will have gained substantial expertise as to linguistic fieldwork skills, while making a valuable contribution to the linguistic documentation and analysis of the target languages.

Travel costs and the required technical equipment often make field linguistic on-site training and research rather expensive. We received financial support so that the expenses incurred are fully covered. There are only minor costs that the participants will have to contribute personally (e.g. travel insurance).

The demand has been high - a high number of students and researchers are interested in joining our field trips. While not all applicants will have the opportunity to join, we also organize a range of additional activities, such as teaching events coordinated by various departments, lectures by invited speakers, thematic workshops and intensive courses on languages that are not frequently taught in Helsinki. Those joining the field excursion team should participate in these activities, but other students are also very welcome to join in: Our activities are open to a broader audience!

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2013: Mordovia

2014: Sakhalin & Hokkaido

2015: Central Balkans

2016: Gauteng, Limpopo & Mpumalanga, South Africa