Aspects of Verbal Syntax, 17.11.2014

CoCoLaC Seminar Aspects of Verbal Syntax at the University Main Building

Aspects of Verbal Syntax

7.11.2014, room 12, Main Building


The research community CoCoLaC will organize a seminar on verbal syntax on November 7th. The seminar will focus on four languages: Spanish, Portuguese, French and German. All presentations will be in English.

We kindly ask for registration via e-form before the 31st of October.

8.45‒9.00 OPENING

9.00‒9.50 Rafael Cano Aguilar (Universidad de Sevilla): The Long March of si tuviera: from ‘real’ to ‘unreal’, and finally only ‘possible’ (abstract in pdf) NB. The presentation is in Spanish with English Power Point slides.

9.50‒10.40 Telmo Móia (Universidade de Lisboa): The expression of temporal information in (verb) argument structure.

10.40‒11.00 COFFEE BREAK

11.00‒11.30 Begoña Sanromán (University of Helsinki): Communication nouns and the selection of dar ‘to give’ and hacer ‘to make’ as light verbs in Spanish.

11.30‒12.00 Jukka Havu (University of Tampere): The expression of recent past in French and Spanish.

12.00‒12.30 Meri Larjavaara (Åbo Akademi): Can the transitive construction in French be semantically motivated?

12.30‒14.00 LUNCH

14.00‒14.50 Béatrice Lamiroy (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven): The French impersonal construction “Il arrive un train”: a Romance curiosity?

14.50‒15.40 Tanja Mortelmans (Universiteit Antwerpen): Different ways of seeming: the German ‘evidential’ verb scheinen and its Dutch cognate schijnen

15.40‒16.00 COFFEE BREAK

16.00‒16.30 Jouni Rostila (University of Helsinki): Support verb constructions in German, English, Swedish and Finnish: Much ado about nothing?

16.30‒17.00 Irma Hyvärinen (University of Helsinki): dass + je – desto/umso/je: Word order in German subordinated Comparative Correlative Constructions ‒ A challenge not only for foreign language learners.

17.00‒17.30 Ulrike Richter (University of Helsinki): The German ‘free dative’ from a Finnish perspective.