Research groups

The canine research groups conduct primarily clinical research. This type of research takes place in connection with patient care, with patients participating with the permission of their owners.

Research patients may be selected from hospital patients or separately invited to projects. In many projects, healthy dogs are also needed, and they are invited to participate through various cooperation channels. Participation in research is always voluntary, and the owner’s written permission is always requested. By participating in studies, dog owners can help us understand the causes of diseases, develop diagnostic methods and discover new forms of treatment.

Some studies focus on certain dog breeds and the diseases occurring in them. Through our collaboration with dog breed organisations and breeders, we have a broad reach among breed enthusiasts. Ongoing projects are carried out with the permission of the Research Ethics Committee on Animal Research at the University and with the support of pet owners.

Research enables the comparison of different treatment options to identify the best solution for individual diseases.

Research groups in English