FaunaFysio – Physiotherapy

The first part of the research group’s name is derived from Latin word Fauna, which means animal kind -including people. The latter part of the group’s name Fysio, in turn, is based on Greek language, where it has meant nature and physicality. Fysio also refers to physiotherapy, which is an essential part of modern veterinary medicine.

Animal’s physiotherapists are professionals in health care and locomotion, specialised to treat and assess all species -the whole of the Fauna, if needed.

In the center of the research group FaunaFysio, is the study of animals’ pain, locomotion, and functionality, as well as the effect of physiotherapy interventions. The aim is to produce high quality clinical veterinary medicine research, across various species and veterinary medicine specialties.

Our research group is multidisciplinary, consisting mainly of physiotherapists and veterinarians. Members are in different stages of their researcher careers; some already post-doctoral researchers, some doctoral candidates. In addition, the group includes visiting researchers. Group members also supervise veterinary physiotherapy master’s degree related research projects, veterinary medicine licentiate studies and national veterinary medicine specialisation studies’ research sections. FaunaFysio collaborates closely with other national and international research groups in both, veterinary as well as human medicine disciplines.