Sustainable Built Environment SBE 2019 conference in Helsinki - Participatory service design and community involvement for sustainable campuses

Clean planet, happy people, shared prosperity - and emerging concepts. We are developing concepts to grasp sustainability in transdisciplinary teams and enterprises, to create more sustainable learning landscapes and assessment tools for the future.


The SBE 2019 conference brings together researchers and concepts from different parts of the world to discuss sustainability from various angles. The common nominator is the built environment and the human activities in it. How can we reach more sustainable processes, planning and design efforts, and outcomes that support human prosperity while being more ecologically and economically sustainable?

Caledonia will present its latest developments with a scientific paper titled "Participatory service design and community involvement in designing future-ready sustainable learning landscapes". The paper sheds light on the first steps in a process that aims to create a new toolkit for the evaluation of a campus - and other - construction or retrofitting process, from start to end and beyond.

The main body of the work has to do with alternative Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that are being developed and applied in different contexts to improve the environmental and social sustainability awareness. SBE provides an excellent professional discussion platform for the framework.

The initial process that forms the basis for the alternative KPIs was a transdisciplinary learning environment retrofitting initiative on a university campus. The team involved included architects, sutainability and well-being experts, service designers, educators, and ICT professional working intensively to build commong ground for multiprofessional understanding, with the aim of creating more future-ready learning landscapes that support well-being, learning and human interactions.