Campus Learning and Development Initiatives

Welcome to Caledonia!

Welcome to the world of Caledonia – Campus Learning and Development Initiatives Hub! Caledonia signifies a way of thinking, but it is also a hub, a physical space in the Minerva building. Our mission is to implement and disseminate user-centric methods in the academic environment. Caledonia operates across the Helsinki University, studying and developing learning landscapes which incorporate pedagogical, architectural, and digital elements. These can be implemented in e.g. Faculty Learning and Journal Club, Continuing Professional Development, and Sustainable Education. We also develop solutions for the future of higher education. We work in close collaboration with Helsinki Institute of Sustainability Science (HELSUS), Helsinki Institute of Urban and Regional Studies (Urbaria), Mixed Realities Hub (MR Hub) and facilities management, as well as other higher education institutions. Our networks include for instance national and international campus developers and urban landscape designers. We participate actively in university-level strategy and vision work as an expert partner. If you have an idea, or an issue, or you simply want more information, come and have a chat. We are always interested in expanding our network and collecting experiences – everyone is an expert regarding their own activities!