Caledonia is a network of same-minded people who agree to disagree in order to find common ground through co-design and participation in different shared activities.

We arrange and coordinate a variety of collaborations. These come in the form of e.g. Faculty Learning and Journal Club, Digipedagogical café, Continuing Professional Development, and e.g. courses on how to integrate sustainability thinking and learning in educational modules. In terms of transdisciplinary collaboration and sustainability, we work closely with Aalto Sustainability Hub (Tvättstugan), HELSUS (Helsinki Institute of Sustainability Science) and Urbaria (Helsinki Institute of Urban and Regional Studies) as well as MR Hub (Mixed Realities in the Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry).

White papers and other writings

Caledonia White Papers and other short writings are published here both in English and in Finnish.

Meetings and other events

Caledonia arranges various type of meetings and other events such as Faculty Development Journal Club, Digipedagogical Readiness Cafés, and courses on Sustainable education in collaboration with our network.