Ethical review of medical research
On this page, you can find basic information on the research ethics committee of the Faculty of Medicine. You can find the members of the committee, contact details and instructions for drafting a request for a statement.

The research ethics committee of the Faculty of Medicine is one of three research ethics committees at the University of Helsinki.

The research ethics committee of the Faculty of Medicine issues statements on proposals for investigator-driven medical research at the Faculty, where necessary.

The committee does not consider research proposals that require a statutory statement from the hospital district ethics committee or the National Committee on Medical Research Ethics. Statements on such studies are requested from the hospital district ethics committee of the district where the research is to be conducted or where the principal investigator works.

Four local ethics committees operate in the special responsibility area of the Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa (HUS).

A positive statement from a research ethics committee is a prerequisite for medical research, and research may not be commenced without it.

Members for the term 2018–2021
  • Chair: Professor Antti Sajantila, Medicum, Department of Forensic Medicine
  • Public health: Professor Professor Ossi Rahkonen, Clinicum, Department of Public Health
  • Biostatistics: Professor Samuli Ripatti, Clinicum, Department of Public Health, FIMM
  • Psychiatry: Professor Anna Keski-Rahkonen, Medicum, Department of Public Health
  • Biomedicine: Docent Nils Bäck, Medicum, Department of Anatomy
  • Clinical and theoretical research: Clinical Instructor Petteri Arstila, Medicum, Department of Bacteriology and Immunology
  • Clinical research: Clinical Instructor Mika Laitinen, Clinicum, Department of Internal Medicine
  • Doctoral Candidate Lauri Koivula (deputy member: Jani Pirinen)
  • Data protection specialist, University Services
  • Secretary and lay member: Alise Hyrskyluoto, Research Services
Submission of documents

The person responsible for the research may request a statement from the research ethics committee of the Faculty of Medicine.

Enclosures required in the request for a statement:

  • a research proposal of no more than six pages
  • a statement on the reasons for the need for an ethical review
  • researcher’s own assessment of the ethics of the research
  • privacy notice for scientific research if research entails the processing of personal data.

These documents must be submitted by email to the committee secretary.

The committee attempts to process the research proposals within three weeks of their submission. However, during holiday seasons the processing may take longer.

Request a statement

Send your request for a statement by email to the committee secretary.

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