Development of research infrastructures

Research infrastructures of a high standard constitute a key success factor for the University. Thanks to its continual development of infrastructures and related collaboration, the University of Helsinki is the most important research infrastructure operator in Finland whose position in the field is significant on the European scale as well.
Guidelines for University of Helsinki Research Infrastructures

The University of Helsinki Research Infrastructure Programme outlines the principles for the administration and development of research infrastructures.

In addition to the University’s programme, important documents concerning infrastructures include Finland’s Roadmap for Research Infrastructures as well as corresponding Europe-wide roadmaps drawn up by the European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures (ESFRI).

Who develops research infrastructures?

Faculties and independent institutes are responsible for developing and supporting their own research infrastructures.

University- and campus-level prioritisation is carried out by the University’s research infrastructure committee and the infrastructure working groups of the campuses. These bodies also prepare more general guidelines and decisions pertaining to infrastructures.

All of the University’s campuses have representation in the University’s research infrastructure committee. The committee is chaired by the vice-rector for research affairs.

Funding and other resources

Every year, the University of Helsinki allocates a substantial amount of funds, human resources and facilities to research infrastructures. Before committing to major research infrastructure projects on the national and international levels, the University carefully considers whether they are in line with its strategic plan and the objectives set in the research infrastructure programme.

In addition to providing funding, human resources and facilities, the University supports research infrastructures by communicating on them and by offering its partners access to them.

Participation in national infrastructure projects

On the University level, national projects are assessed and prioritised by the research infrastructure committee, while on the level of campuses and faculties, projects are assessed by separate working groups and committees. Decisions on any central commitments by the University are made by the rector.

University-wide assessment processes for national calls for funding applications are announced well in advance of the beginning of the application periods. Crucial to obtaining funding for research infrastructures is the commitment to their administration of the unit or units (faculties or independent institutes) hosting the infrastructures.

Where can I find the research infrastructures of the University of Helsinki?

Information on the University’s research infrastructures is available in the Research Portal, where you can browse or search for infrastructures by discipline or with keywords. See e.g 

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