Slush 2019

Meet us at section 6D.1. See our innovations and meet the researchers behind them. The University’s Slush section will feature a total of 12 innovations at different stages of the commercialisation process. At Slush, they will look for partners, entrepreneurs and investors. See also technologies available for licensing.

Completed successful clinical trials with type 2 diabetics

A new key enabling technology that can help 400 million diabetics and 1,9 billion overweight people to live healthier. The same technology can be used for non-invasive monitoring of other biomarkers and analytes. Smart watch size industrial grade prototype created. Global patent portfolio.

Read article: GlucoModicum: Needle-free and painless health monitoring


 Jokke Mäki
+358 40 586 0946

Alejandro Garcia-Perez
+358 40 532 4413

Powerful approach to de-identify personal data

Many future innovations are built on artificial intelligence that uses sensitive data. VEIL.AI is an AI-enhanced way to ease the sharing of privacy-preserving data while improving data quality and supporting complex data types.

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VEIL.AI website


Tuomo Pentikäinen
+358 40 183 2881

Janna Saarela
+358 40 512 3801

Active packaging component for improving fresh vegetable shelf-life

Up to 20% of vegetable production, worth €200 billion, is wasted by supermarkets and consumers every year (EU and USA). The solution helps reduce this waste, its costs and environmental impact.

Read article: FreshPack: A new kind of packaging component could reduce vegetable wastage in storage rooms, grocery stores and even on your kitchen table or in the refrigerator


Kirsi Mikkonen
+358 50 318 5744

Next generation tools for personalised disease prevention and treatment

Interactive web applications that combine traditional health data with newly discovered genetic risk information for disease prevention and targeted therapy.

Read article: KardioKompassi: Individualised prevention of cardiac disease with genomic data

KardioKompassi website


Elisabeth Widén
+358 294 125 477

Johanna Aro
+358 40 721 9741

Tunable platform for exosome biomarker discovery

With its high-throughput isolation process targeting complex samples, the platform maximizes the chances of detecting biomarker signatures in biofluids containing exosomes and other extracellular vesicles. The platform supports discovery for improved diagnosis, monitoring and treatment.

Read article: FastEV paves way for precision biomedicine


Pia Siljander
+358 50 448 6373

Using nature’s microbial diversity for consumer goods

Urbanisation has caused people to lose connection to nature, leading to immune mediated illnesses such as diabetes, allergy and asthma. Uute is the substance with nature’s own microbial diversity to keep your immune system functioning.

Read article: Uute Scientific – biodiversity applied straight to your skin

Uute Scientific website

Uute Scientific

Kari Sinivuori
+358 50 386 0444

Aki Sinkkonen