Commercialisation of research

The high-quality research conducted at the University of Helsinki and the innovations resulting from are of far-reaching benefit to the society. Competitive innovations, commercialisation projects, inventions and patents with global impact make research available to different sectors, and provide a range of collaboration opportunities. We serve as a growth medium for startups and spinouts.
Meaningful solutions from world-class research

We create, accelerate and commercialise innovations based on top research. At their best, innovations can grow into success stories that enhance well-being and facilitate a more sustainable future. Together with companies and investors, we increase the impact of science-based innovations by making solutions available to everyone.

Helsinki Innovation Services Ltd

Helsinki Innovation Services Ltd functions as the technology transfer and commercialisation company (TTO) of the University of Helsinki. It supports the University’s top research teams turn their science-based inventions into commercially flourishing businesses. In practice, experts at Helsinki Innovation Services evaluate the commercial significance of research-born ideas and inventions, and help researchers with matters such as finding funding for the preparation of commercialisation, out-licensing of technologies, patent protection and establishing spinout companies. It also builds the bridge between spinout companies and investors while supporting the building of spinouts' management organisation.

Ongoing commercialisation projects

The research carried out at the University of Helsinki's four campuses results in science-based innovations, some of which have significant commercial potential.

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