Travel grants

DONASCI doctoral programmes grant financial support for travel costs to their members. For more information on how to apply, please visit the doctoral programmes web pages or contact anita.tienhaara(at)

Dissertation completion grant

The dissertation completion grant may be awarded for one to three months. It can be applied for when the dissertation can realistically be expected to be ready for preliminary examination by the end of the grant period. No grant will be awarded for a dissertation which has already been submitted for preliminary examination. The doctoral student and his or her supervisor must together apply for the grant.

Applications may be submitted throughout the year. They must be submitted well in advance of the beginning of the intended grant period, typically about two months beforehand so that a decision on the grant can be made in time. There may be delays in processing the applications particularly during the summer and at the turn of the year.

Further information about the grant is available here and from the doctoral school coordinator.

Dissertation printing support

Doctoral candidates whose faculty permits them to defend their doctoral dissertation at a public examination are entitled to financial support to cover the costs of printing their dissertation. This financial support will cover the costs of printed dissertations submitted to the university as free copies (20 copies + one digital version) when using Unigrafia's offer (available in Flamma). No separate application for the financial support is required. The university will handle all invoices related to the financial support with the printing house. Doctoral dissertations can also be printed at another printing house. In such cases, however, the doctoral candidate is not entitled to the university's financial support for printing.