Financial support for doctoral candidates

Here you can find information about the financial support for all doctoral candidates.

Salaried doctoral candidate positions
Travel grants
Dissertation completion grant
Dissertation printing support

Salaried doctoral candidate positions

Call for applications for UH funded doctoral candidate positions is open September 14–27, 2018.

University of Helsinki allocates funding to doctoral programmes for salaried doctoral candidate positions. The doctoral candidates selected for the positions shall be hired for full-time employment for the duration of 1-4 years, with the aim that the doctoral degree shall be completed within the duration of the employment. 

The doctoral candidates selected for the positions are employed by and carry out their research in one of the University’s faculties or independent institutes. The doctoral candidates are hired for full-time positions with the aim of completing their doctoral degree in four years.

The salary for the doctoral candidate position is based on level 2–4 of the job requirement scheme for teaching and research personnel in the salary system of Finnish universities. In addition, the doctoral candidate will be paid a salary component based on personal work performance. Depending on the doctoral candidate’s qualifications and experience, the salary is EUR 2085–3205 per month. The appointment starts with a probationary period of maximum 6 months.

For further information on the doctoral student positions, visit the web pages of the doctoral programmes.

Travel grants

Travel grants are intended to support doctoral candidates’ foreign and domestic travel for academic purposes (doctoral courses, learning in other research groups or participating in scientific conferences, seminars or workshops).  All doctoral candidates belonging to a doctoral programme at the DONASCI doctoral school may apply for travel grants.

Next  application period begins on Monday, September 3, 2018 at 9:00 am, and ends on Friday, September 14, 2018, at 3:45 p.m. with the following doctoral programmes:

  • DoCS
  • GeoDoc
  • Domast
  • PAPU


  • 15.–26.1. 2019
  • 2.–11.5.2019
  • 3.–14.9.2019

The application form can be found here.

It is not possible to submit an application after the application period has closed, and late applications will not be considered. The decision on the travel grant is made by your doctoral programme.

When estimating the amount of travel grant, travel costs and accommodation expenses and participation fees should be taken into account. Estimate and present your costs as detailed and realistically as possible in the application. Certain types of costs (e.g. meals) will be covered by payment of a per diem allowance (applicants that are direct employees of the University) or reimbursement up to the amount of the per diem allowance (applicants that are not direct employees of the University). This is a fixed sum per day and should be considered in budgeting. No other funding will be provided for meals. If you are offered a meal (lunch or dinner), this needs to be mentioned when reporting the costs after the trip. Visit the University of Helsinki travel instructions at Flamma intranet for the list of per diem allowances.

DONASCI will award travel costs based on careful consideration of the real costs which are properly outlined in the application. Any costs incurred which exceed this sum will not be covered by DONASCI. Please mention, if you have some other funding available for your trip. Funding may only be applied for one trip. THE GRANT CANNOT BE APPLIED FOR A TRIP THAT HAS ALREADY BEEN COMPLETED. Mainly the annual funding for travel grants is maximally 1000 EUR for a European trip and 1500 EUR for a non-European trip per doctoral candidate.

Applications are submitted online through an electronic application form. Applications do not include attachments. Direct the application to your doctoral programme by choosing it in the application page.

If the travel grant has been paid as a grant, a short travel report is required by the DONASCI doctoral school. The purpose of this report is to assess the real travel costs and to get some feedback from doctoral candidates. Remember to hold on to all the receipts, ticket stubs, etc. Please note, that if you are not an employee of the University of Helsinki, you have to take care of your own travel insurance.

When you have received a positive decision, please read the payment instructions carefully.

Further information on the call is available by email anita.tienhaara(at)


Dissertation completion grant

The dissertation completion grant may be awarded for one to three months. It can be applied for when the dissertation can realistically be expected to be ready for preliminary examination by the end of the grant period. No grant will be awarded for a dissertation which has already been submitted for preliminary examination. The doctoral student and his or her supervisor must together apply for the grant.

Applications may be submitted throughout the year. They must be submitted well in advance of the beginning of the intended grant period, typically about two months beforehand so that a decision on the grant can be made in time. There may be delays in processing the applications particularly during the summer and at the turn of the year. Further information about the grant is available here.

Dissertation printing support

Doctoral candidates whose faculty permits them to defend their doctoral dissertation at a public examination are entitled to financial support to cover the costs of printing their dissertation. This financial support will cover the costs of printed dissertations submitted to the university as free copies (20 copies + one digital version) when using Unigrafia's offer (available in Flamma). No separate application for the financial support is required. The university will handle all invoices related to the financial support with the printing house. Doctoral dissertations can also be printed at another printing house. In such cases, however, the doctoral candidate is not entitled to the university's financial support for printing.