Courses and events

PAPU arranges a few times a year workshops and other kind of events.


PAPU summer meeting: 21.5.2019 / Hotel Nuuksio

Mini-course on AdS/CFT: May/June 2019: responsible person Niko Jokela

ProjekTiistai: responsible person Mikko Lotti

Astrophyics Seminar once a week: responsible person Charles C Kirkpatrick IV

Nordic Optical Telescope school 11/2019: responsible person Alexis Finoguenov

Link­ing the Milky Way and Nearby Galaxies - The ISM and Star Formation from Cold Cores to kpc Scales, conference 3-7.6.2019 : responsible person Mika Juvela

Intensive couse on theory and phenomenology of the Standard Model: 6-24.5.2019: responsible person Venus Keus

Turbulence & magnetic fields - from the early universe to late-type stars: 1-5-4-2019: responsible person Thomas Hackman

RISE collaboration Non Minimal Higgs workshop:  27-29.5.2019: responsible person Venus Keus

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PAP-PAPU Fall Meeting and Christmas Dinner, 4.12.2018, Unioninkadun Juhlahuoneisto

Papu summer meeting 24.5.2018 / Villa Vuosanta

Here are also some examples from the past years: