Thesis templates in DoCS

Installation instructions for the tktla document class

This LaTeX package contains the following files:

  • tktla.cls - the actual implementation of the document class
  • - formatted documentation
  • tktla.dtxtktla.ins - source files for both the implementation and the documentation
  • example.tex and example.pdf meant for theses containing figures in the eps format and to be run with command "latex" and "dvips"
  • example2.tex and example2.pdf meant for theses containing figures in the pdf format and to be run with command "pdflatex"
  • thesis-papers.tex - an example file on how to make the interleafs for an article-based thesis

To use the document class, it is enough to copy the file tktla.cls somewhere where LaTeX can find it (this is the only file that is necessary for using the class). Probably the easiest way is to copy it to the directory where you will create your document: LaTeX looks for package and class files also in the current directory.

Modifying the package

If you wish to modify the package, you can modify tktla.cls directly, but you should note that the file is actually automatically generated from tktla.dtx and tktla.ins (along with the documentation). The command to create tktla.cls from tktla.dtx and tktla.ins is "tex tktla.ins".

The formatted documentation ( can be generated by running the following commands:

  • latex tktla.dtx
  • latex tktla.dtx
  • dvips tktla.dvi -o

If you want to modify tktla.dtx directly, you should note that, as in all .dtx files, the comments in the file contain LaTeX source for the formatted documentation. See the documentation for the standard doc and docstrip packages (doc.dvi and docstrip.dvi) for details.

Using the package

Computing Reviews classification

When using the package, you need to decide whether you want to use the Computing Reviews of 1998 or 2012. In the current version of tktla.cls and other template files assume that the 2012 version is used. If you, however, decide to use the older version of 1998, then you need to edit the tktla.cls file related to the corresponding command in it.


Usage of the package should be quite straigthforward, when the thesis is a monograph.

Article-based theses

An article-based dissertation (Finnish: nippuväitöskirja) consists of two parts:

  • an preample part  (i.e., an introductory summary of the articles), and
  • some original articles.

In addition to the summary, the preample part of the thesis should contain a list of the original articles describing briefly the main contributions of them.

Before each original article there must also be a page (an interleaf) describing where the articles was originally published. These pages (or the articles) are usually numbered with Roman numbers within a black rectangle.

One way of getting the interleaves to the thesis is to depend on the help of Unigrafia. In that case, you should send the preample part as a PDF together with all the articles as separate PDF:s to Unigrafia. In addtion to that you must send the texts that come to the interleaves  to them separate, for example, as a text file.

Another possibility is to make the pages yourself, and then send a single PDF to Unigrafia for printing. The thesis template of the department now contains an example file for producing of these interleaves. The example file works for six original articles, and the commands for making the numbered rectangles need to be modified, if there are less or more original articles related to the thesis. The example file can be run as a separate LaTex to produce a PDF of the interleaves and the original articles, or the commands in it can be included to the main file of the thesis, in order to produce a single PDF of both the preample part and the original articles.