Doctoral theses in Computer Science

Report series A of the Department of Computer Science

Printed versions of the doctoral dissertations are available for reading at the Kumpula Campus Library.

Nowadays, all the dissertations are also available on-line on the e-thesis site of the University of Helsinki. Some of the older dissertations are available on-line at the server of the Department of Computer Science.


A-2020-1 Leppä-aho, Janne: Methods for Learning Directed and Undirected Graphical Models. (PhD thesis).
A-2020-2 Zhou, Pengyuan: Edge-Facilitated Mobile Computing and Communication. (PhD thesis).
A-2020-3 Alanko, Jarno N.: Space-Efficient Algorithms for Strings and Prefix-Sortable Graphs. (PhD thesis).
A-2020-4 Mäenpää, Hanna: Organizing and Managing Contributor Involvement in Hybrid Open Source Software Development Communities. (PhD thesis).
A-2020-5 Laamanen, Heimo: Epistemological Approach to Dependability of Intelligent Distributed Systems. (PhD thesis).
A-2020-6 Pulkkinen, Teemu: Supporting the WLAN Positioning Lifecycle. (PhD thesis).
A-2020-7 Waltari, Otto: Privacy-Aware Opportunistic Wi-Fi. (PhD thesis).
A-2020-8 Niskanen, Andreas: Computational Approaches to Dynamics and Uncertainty in Abstract Argumentation. (PhD thesis).
A-2020-9 Pozza, Matteo: Enabling Network Flexibility by Decomposing Network Functions. (PhD thesis).
A-2020-10 Zavodovski, Aleksandr: Open Infrastructure for Edge Computing. (PhD thesis).
A-2020-11 Khoramshahi, Ehsan: Multi-Projective Camera-Calibration, Modeling, and Integration in Mobile-Mapping Systems. (PhD thesis).


A-2019-1 Salo, Kari: Modular Audio Platform for Youth Engagement in a Museum Context. (PhD thesis).
A-2019-2 Koski, Aapo: On the Provisioning of Mission Critical Information Systems based on Public Tenders. (PhD thesis)
A-2019-3 Kantosalo, Anna: Human-Computer Co-Creativity - Designing, Evaluating and Modelling Computational Collaborators for Poetry Writing. (PhD thesis).
A-2019-4 Karkulahti, Ossi: Understanding Social Media through Large Volume Measurements. (PhD thesis).
A-2019-5 Yaman, Sezin Gizem: Initiating the Transition towards Continuous Experimentation: Empirical Studies with Software Development Teams and Practitioners. (PhD thesis).
A-2019-6 Mohan, Nitinder: Edge Computing Platforms and Protocols. (PhD thesis).
A-2019-7 Järvinen, Ilpo: Congestion Control and Active Queue Management During Flow Startup. (PhD Thesis).
A-2019-8 Leinonen, Juho: Keystroke Data in Programming Courses. (PhD Thesis).
A-2019-9 Talvitie, Topi: Counting and Sampling Directed Acyclic Graphs for Learning Bayesian Networks. (PhD Thesis).
A-2019-10 Toivonen, Jarkko: Modeling and Learning Monomeric and Dimeric Transcription Factor Binding Motifs. (PhD Thesis).
A-2019-11 Hemminki, Samuli: Advances in Motion Sensing on Mobile Devices. (PhD Thesis).
A-2019-12 Saikko, Paul: Implicit Hitting Set Algorithms for Constraint Optimization. (PhD Thesis).


A-2018-1 Nelimarkka, Matti: Performative Hybrid Interaction: Understanding Planned Events across Collocated and Mediated Interaction Spheres. (PhD thesis).
A-2018-2 Peltonen, Ella: Crowdsensed Mobile Data Analytics. (PhD thesis).
A-2018-3 Barral, Oswald: Implicit Interaction with Textual Information using Physiological Signals. (PhD thesis).
A-2018-4 Kosunen, Ilkka: Exploring the Dynamics of the Biocybernetic Loop in Physiological Computing. (PhD thesis).
A-2018-5 Berg, Jeremias: Solving Optimization Problems via Maximum Satisfiablity: Encodings and Re-Encodings. (PhD thesis).
A-2018-6 Pyykkö, Joel: Online Personalization in Exploratory Search. (PhD thesis).
A-2018-7 Pivovarova, Lidia: Classification and Clustering in Media Monitoring: from Knowledge to Deep Learning. (PhD thesis).


A-2017-1 Zou, Yuan: On Model Selection for Bayesian Networks and Sparse Logistic Regression. (PhD thesis).
A-2017-2 Hsieh, Yi-Ta: Exploring Hand-Based Haptic Interfaces for Mobile Interaction Design. (PhD thesis).
A-2017-3 Valenzuela, Daniel: Algorithms and Data Structures for Sequence Analysis in the Pan-Genomic Era. (PhD thesis).
A-2017-4 Hellas, Arto: Retention in Introductory Programming. (PhD thesis).
A-2017-5 Du, Mian: Natural Language Processing System for Business Intelligence. (PhD thesis).
A-2017-6 Kuosmanen, Anna: Third-Generation RNA-Sequencing Analysis: Graph Alignment and Transcript Assembly with Long Reads. (PhD thesis).


A-2016-1 Ahonen, Teppo: Cover Song Identification using Compression-based Distance Measures. (PhD thesis).
A-2016-2 Gross, Oskar: Word Associations as a Language Model for Generative and Creative Tasks. (PhD thesis).
A-2016-3 Määttä, Jussi: Model Selection Methods for Linear Regression and Phylogenetic Reconstruction. (PhD thesis).
A-2016-4 Toivanen, Jukka: Methods and Models in Linguistic and Musical Computational Creativity. (PhD thesis).
A-2016-5 Athukorala, Kumaripaba: Information Search as Adaptive Interaction. (PhD thesis).
A-2016-6 Kangas, Juho-Kustaa: Combinatorial Algorithms with Applications in Learning Graphical Models. (PhD thesis).


A-2015-1 Wang, Liang: Content, Topology and Cooperation in In-network Caching. (PhD thesis).
A-2015-2 Niinimäki, Teppo: Approximation Strategies for Structure Learning in Bayesian Networks. (PhD thesis).
A-2015-3 Kempa, Dominik: Efficient Construction of Fundamental Data Structures in Large-Scale Text Indexing. (PhD thesis).
A-2015-4 Zhao, Kai: Understanding Urban Human Mobility for Network Applications. (PhD thesis).
A-2015-5 Laaksonen, Antti: Algorithms for Melody Search and Transciption. (PhD thesis).
A-2015-6 Ding, Yi: Collaborative Traffic Offloading for Mobile Systems. (PhD thesis).
A-2015-7 Fagerholm, Fabian: Software Developer Experience: Case Studies in Lean-Agile and Open Source Environments. (PhD thesis).


A-2014-1 Korhonen, Janne: Graph and Hypergraph Decompositions for Exact Algorithms. (PhD thesis).
A-2014-2 Paalasmaa, Joonas: Monotoring Sleep with Force Sensor Measurement. (PhD thesis).
A-2014-3 Langohr, Laura: Methods for Finding Interesting Nodes in Weighted Graphs. (PhD thesis).
A-2014-4 Bhattacharya, Sourav: Continuous Context Inference on Mobile Platforms. (PhD thesis).
A-2014-5 Lagerspetz, Eemil: Collaborative Mobile Energy Awareness. (PhD thesis).


A-2013-1 Timonen, Mika: Term Weighting in Short Documents for Document Categorization, Keyword Extraction and Query Expansion. (PhD thesis).
A-2013-2 Wettig, Hannes: Probabilistic, Information-Theoretic Models for Etymological Alignment. (PhD thesis).
A-2013-3 Ruokolainen, Toni: A Model-Driven Approach to Service Ecosystem Engineering. (PhD thesis).
A-2013-4 Hyttinen, Antti: Discovering Causal Relations in the Presence of Latent Confounders. (PhD thesis).
A-2013-5 Eloranta, Satu: Dynamic Aspects of Knowledge Bases. (PhD thesis).
A-2013-6 Apiola, Mikko: Creativity-Supporting Learning Environments: Two Case Studies on Teaching Programming. (PhD thesis).
A-2013-7 Polishchuk, Tatiana: Enabling Multipath and Multicast Data Transmission in Legacy and Future Internet. (PhD thesis).
A-2013-8 Luosto, Panu: Normalized Maximum Likelihood Methods for Clustering and Density Estimation. (PhD thesis).
A-2013-9 Eronen, Lauri: Computational Methods for Augmenting Association-based Gene Mapping. (PhD thesis).
A-2013-10 Entner, Doris: Causal Structure Learning and Effect Identification in Linear Non-Gaussian Models and Beyond. (PhD thesis).
A-2013-11 Galbrun, Esther: Methods for Redescription Mining. (PhD thesis).
A-2013-12 Pervilä, Mikko: Data Center Energy Retrofits. (PhD thesis).
A-2013-13 Pohjalainen, Pietu: Self-Organizing Software Architechtures. (PhD thesis).


A-2012-1 Parviainen, Pekka: Algorithms for Exact Structure Discovery in Bayesian Networks. (PhD thesis).
A-2012-2 Wessman, Jaana: Mixture Model Clustering in the Analysis of Complex Diseases. (PhD thesis).
A-2012-3 Pöyhönen, Petteri: Access Selection Methods in Cooperative Multi-operator Environments to Improve End-user and Operator Satisfaction. (PhD thesis).
A-2012-4 Ruohomaa, Sini: The Effect of Reputation on Trust Decisions in Inter-enterprise Collaborations. (PhD thesis).
A-2012-5 Siren, Jouni: Compressed Full-Text Indexes for Highly Repetitive Collections. (PhD thesis)
A-2012-6 Zhou, Fang: Methods for Network Abstraction. (PhD thesis).
A-2012-7 Välimäki, Niko: Applications of Compressed Data Structures on Sequences and Structured Data. (PhD thesis).
A-2012-8 Varjonen, Samu: Secure Connectivity With Persistent Identities. (PhD thesis).
A-2012-9 Heinonen, Markus: Computational Methods for Small Molecules. (PhD thesis).


A-2011-1 Tripathi, Abhishek: Data fusion and matching by maximizing statistical dependencies. (PhD thesis).
A-2011-2 Junttila, Esa: Patterns in permuted binary matrices. (PhD thesis).
A-2011-3 Hintsanen, Petteri: Simulation and graph mining tools for improving gene mapping efficiency. (PhD thesis).
A-2011-4 Ikonen, Marko: Lean Thinking in Software Development: Impacts of Kanban on Projects. (PhD thesis).


A-2010-1 Lukk, Margus: Construction of a Global Map of Human Gene Expression: the Process, Tools and Analysis. (PhD thesis).
A-2010-2 Hämäläinen, Wilhelmiina: Efficient Search for Statistically Significant Dependency Rules in Binary Data. (PhD thesis).
A-2010-3 Kollin, Jussi: Computational Methods for Detecting Large-Scale Chromosome Rearrangements in SNP Data. (PhD thesis).
A-2010-4 Pitkänen, Esa: Computational Methods for Reconstruction and Analysis of Genome-Scale Metabolic Networks. (PhD thesis).
A-2010-5 Lukyanenko, Andrey: Multi-user Resource-sharing Problem for the Internet. (PhD thesis).
A-2010-6 Daniel, Laila: Cross-layer Assisted TCP Algorithms for Vertical Handoff. (PhD thesis).


A-2009-1 Hätönen, Kimmo: Data mining for telecommunications network log analysis. (PhD thesis).
A-2009-2 Silander, Tomi: The Most Probable Bayesian Network and Beyond. (PhD thesis).
A-2009-3 Laasonen, Kari: Mining Cell Transition Data. (PhD thesis).
A-2009-4 Miettinen, Pauli: Matrix decomposition methods for data mining: computational complexity and algorithms. (PhD thesis).
A-2009-5 Suomela, Jukka: Optimisation Problems in Wireless Sensor Networks: Local Algorithms and Local Graphs. (PhD thesis).
A-2009-6 Köster, Urs: A Probabilistic Approach to the Primary Visual Cortex. (PhD thesis).
A-2009-7 Nurmi, Petteri: Identifying Meaningful Places. (PhD thesis).
A-2009-8 Makkonen, Juha: Semantic Classes in Topic Detection and Tracking. (PhD thesis).
A-2009-9 Rastas, Pasi: Computational Techniques for Haplotype Inference and for Local Alignment Significance. (PhD thesis).
A-2009-10 Mononen, Tommi: Computing the Stochastic Complexity of Simple Probabilistic Graphical Models. (PhD thesis).
A-2009-11 Kontkanen, Petri: Computationally Efficient Methods for MDL-optimal Clustering and Density Estimation. (PhD thesis).


A-2008-1 Autio, Ilkka: Modeling Efficient Classification as a Process of Confidence Assessment and Delegation. (PhD thesis).
A-2008-2 Kangasharju, Jaakko: XML Messaging for Mobile Devices. (PhD thesis).
A-2008-3 Haiminen, Niina: Mining Sequential Data - in Search of Segmental Structures. (PhD thesis).
A-2008-4 Korhonen, Jouni: IP Mobility in Wireless Operator Networks. (PhD thesis).
A-2008-5 Lindgren, Jussi T.: Learning nonlinear visual processing from natural images. (PhD thesis).


A-2007-1 Sarolahti, Pasi: TCP Performance in Heterogeneous Wireless Networks. (PhD thesis).
A-2007-2 Raento, Mika: Exploring privacy for ubiquitous computing: Tools, methods and experiments. (PhD thesis).
A-2007-3 Aunimo, Lili: Methods for Answer Extraction in Textual Question Answering. (PhD thesis).
A-2007-4 Roos, Teemu: Statistical and Information-Theoretic Methods for Data Analysis. (PhD thesis).
A-2007-5 Leggio, Simone: A Decentralized Session Management Framework for Heterogeneous Ad-Hoc and Fixed Networks. (PhD thesis).
A-2007-6 Riva, Oriana: Middleware for Mobile Sensing Applications in Urban Environments. (PhD thesis).
A-2007-7 Palin, Kimmo: Computational Methods for Locating and Analyzing Conserved Gene Regulatory DNA Elements. (PhD thesis).


A-2006-1 Viljamaa, Antti: Specifying Reuse Interfaces for Task-Oriented Framework Specialization. (PhD thesis).
A-2006-2 Tarkoma, Sasu: Efficient Content-based Routing, Mobility-aware Topologies, and Temporal Subspace Matching. (PhD thesis).
A-2006-3 Lehtonen, Miro: Indexing Heterogeneous XML for Full-Text Search. (PhD thesis).
A-2006-4 Rantanen, Ari: Algorithms for 13C Metabolic Flux Analysis. (PhD thesis).
A-2006-5 Terzi, Evimaria: Problems and Algorithms for Sequence Segmentations. (PhD thesis).


A-2005-1 Mielikäinen, Taneli: Summarization techniques for pattern collections in data mining. (PhD thesis).
A-2005-2 Doucet, Antoine: Advanced Document Description, a Sequential Approach. (PhD thesis).


A-2004-1 Mikko Koivisto: Sum-product algorithms for the analysis of genetic risks. (PhD thesis).
A-2004-2 Andrei Gurtov: Efficient data transport in wireless overlay networks. (PhD thesis).
A-2004-3 Kari Vasko: Computational methods and models for paleoecology. (PhD thesis).
A-2004-4 Sevon, Petteri: Algorithms for association-based gene mapping. (PhD thesis).
A-2004- 5 Viljamaa, Jukka: Applying formal concept analysis to extract framework reuse interface specifications from source code. (PhD thesis).
A-2004-6 Ravantti, Janne: Computational methods for reconstructing macromolecular complexes from cryo-electron microscopy images. (PhD thesis).
A-2004-7 Kääriäinen, Matti: Learning small trees and graphs that generalize. (PhD thesis).
A-2004-8 Kivioja, Teemu: Computational tools for a novel transcriptional profiling method (PhD thesis).
A-2004-9 Tamm, Hellis: On minimality and size reduction of one-tape and multitape finite automata. (PhD thesis).


A-2003-1 Jan Lindström: Optimistic concurrency control methods for real-time database systems. (PhD thesis).
A-2003-2 Heikki Helin: Supporting nomadic agent-based applications in the FIPA agent architecture. (PhD thesis).
A-2003-3 Stefano Campadello: Middleware infrastructure for distributed mobile applications. (PhD thesis).
A-2003-4 Juha Taina: Design and analysis of a distributed database architecture for IN/GSM data. (PhD thesis).
A-2003-5 Jaakko Kurhila: Considering individual differences in computer-supported special and elementary education. (PhD thesis).
A-2003-6 Veli Mäkinen: Parameterized approximate string matching and local-similarity-based point-pattern matching. (PhD thesis).
A-2003-7 Matti Luukkainen: A process algebraic reduction strategy for automata theoretic verification of untimed and timed concurrent systems. (PhD thesis).
A-2003-8 Jukka Manner: Provision of Quality of Service in IP-based mobile access networks. (PhD thesis).


A-2002-1 Antti-Pekka Tuovinen: Object-oriented engineering of visual languages. (PhD thesis).
A-2002-2 Vesa Ollikainen: Simulation techniques for disease gene localization in isolated populations. (PhD thesis).
A-2002-3 Jaak Vilo: Pattern discovery from biosequences. (PhD thesis).


A-2001-1 Juho Rousu: Efficient range partitioning in classification learning. (PhD thesis).
A-2001-2 Marko Salmenkivi: Computational methods for intensity models. (PhD thesis).
A-2001-3 Kimmo Fredriksson: Rotation invariant template matching. (PhD thesis).


A-2000-1 Pirjo Moen: Attribute, event sequence, and event type similarity notions for data mining. (PhD thesis).
A-2000-2 Barbara Heikkinen: Generalization of document structures and document assembly. (PhD thesis).
A-2000-3 Pekka Kähkipuro: Performance modeling framework for CORBA based distributed systems. (PhD thesis).
A-2000-4 Kjell Lemstöm: String matching techniques for music retrieval. (PhD thesis).
A-2000-5 Timo Karvi: Partially defined Lotos specifications and their refinement calculus. (PhD thesis).


A-1999-1 Mika Klemettinen: A knowledge discovery methodology for telecommunication network alarm databases. (PhD thesis).
A-1999-2 Juha Puustjärvi: Transactional workflows. (PhD thesis).
A-1999-3 Greger Lindén & Esko Ukkonen (eds): Department of Computer Science: annual report 1998.
A-1999-4 Juha Kärkkäinen: Repetition-based text indexes. (PhD thesis).


A-1998-1 Greger Lindén & Martti Tienari (eds): Computer Science at the University of Helsinki 1997.
A-1998-2 Lea Kutvonen: Trading services in open distributed environments. (PhD thesis).
A-1998-3 Erkki Sutinen: Approximate pattern matching with the q-gram family. (PhD thesis).


A-1997-1 Henry Tirri: Plausible prediction by Bayesian inference. (PhD thesis).
A-1997-2 Greger Lindén: Structured document transformations. (PhD thesis).
A-1997-3 Matti Nykänen: Querying string databases with modal logic. (PhD thesis).
A-1997-4 Erkki Sutinen & Jorma Tarhio & Simo-Pekka Lahtinen & Antti-Pekka Tuovinen & Erkki Rautama & Veijo Meisalo: Eliot - an algorithm animation environment.


A-1996-1 Roope Kaivola: Equivalences, preorders and compositional verification for linear time temporal logic and concurrent systems. (PhD thesis).
A-1996-2 Tapio Elomaa: Tools and techniques for decision tree learning. (PhD thesis).
A-1996-3 Jorma Tarhio & Martti Tienari (eds): Computer Science at the University of Helsinki 1995.
A-1996-4 Helena Ahonen: Generating grammars for structured documents using grammatical inference methods. (PhD thesis).
A-1996-5 Hannu Toivonen: Discovery of frequent patterns in large data collections. (PhD thesis).


A-1995-1 Petri Myllymäki: Mapping Bayesian networks to stochastic neural networks: a foundation for hybrid Bayesian-neural systems. (PhD thesis).


A-1994-1 Jaana Eloranta: Minimal transition systems with respect to divergence preserving behavioural equivalences. (PhD thesis).
A-1994-2 Kirsti Pohjonen (toim./ed): Tietojenkäsittelyopin laitoksen julkaisut 1992-93 (Publications from the Department of Computer Science 1992-93).
A-1994-3 Teija Kujala & Martti Tienari (eds): Computer Science at the University of Helsinki 1993.
A-1994-4 Patrik Floréen & Pekka Orponen: Complexity issues in discrete Hopfield networks.


A-1993-1 Esko Ukkonen: On-line construction of suffix-trees.
A-1993-2 Alois P. Heinz: Efficient implementation of a neural net [alpha] -[beta]-evaluator.


A-1992-1 Jyrki Kivinen: Problems in computational learning theory. (PhD thesis).
A-1992-2 Kirsti Pohjonen & Jorma Tarhio (toim./eds): Tietojenkäsittelyopin laitoksen tutkimusraportteja 1990-91 (Research reports at the Department of Computer Science 1990-91).
A-1992-3 Thomas Eiter & Pekka Kilpeläinen & Heikki Mannila: Recognizing renamable generalized propositional Horn formulas is NP-complete.
A-1992-4 Antti Valmari: Alleviating state explosion during verification of behavioural equivalence.
A-1992-5 Patrik Floréen: Computational complexity problems in neural associative memories. (PhD thesis).
A-1992-6 Pekka Kilpeläinen: Tree matching problems with applications to structured text databases. (PhD thesis).


A-1991-1 Jukka Paakki: Paradigms for attribute-grammar-based language implementation. (PhD thesis).
A-1991-2 Otto Nurmi & Eljas Soisalon-Soininen: Uncoupling updating and rebalancing in chromatic binary search trees.
A-1991-3 Tapio Elomaa & Jyrki Kivinen: Learning decision trees from noisy examples.
A-1991-4 Pekka Kilpeläinen & Heikki Mannila: Ordered and unordered tree inclusion.
A-1991-5 Antti Valmari: Compositional state space generation.
A-1991-6 Jorma Tarhio & Martti Tienari (eds): Computer Science at the University of Helsinki 1990.
A-1991-7 Petteri Jokinen & Jorma Tarhio & Esko Ukkonen: A comparison of approximate string matching algorithms.


A-1990-1 Kirsti Pohjonen & Jorma Tarhio (toim./eds): Tietojenkäsittelyopin laitoksen tutkimusraportteja 1988-89 (Research reports at the Department of Computer Science 1988-89).
A-1990-2 Juhani Kuittinen & Otto Nurmi & Seppo Sippu & Eljas Soisalon-Soininen: Efficient implementation of loops in bottom-up evaluation of logic queries.
A-1990-3 Jorma Tarhio & Esko Ukkonen: Approximate Boyer-Moore string matching.
A-1990-4 Esko Ukkonen & Derick Wood: Approximate string matching with suffix automata.
A-1990-5 Teemu Kerola: Qsolver - a modular environment for solving queueing network models.
A-1990-6 Ker-I Ko & Pekka Orponen & Uwe Schöning & Osamu Watanabe: Instance complexity.


A-1989-1 Gösta Grahne: The problem of incomplete information in relational databases. (PhD thesis).
A-1989-2 Henry Tirri (ed): Interoperability of heterogeneous information systems: final report of the COST 11ter project.
A-1989-3 Jorma Tarhio & Martti Tienari (eds): Computer Science at the University of Helsinki 1988.
A-1989-4 Timo Alanko & Jukka Keskinen & Petri Kutvonen & Matt Mutka, & Martti Tienari: The AHTO project: software technology for open distributed processing.
A-1989-5 Niklas Holsti: Script editing for recovery and reversal in textual user interfaces. (PhD thesis).
A-1989-6 Kimmo E. Raatikainen: Modelling and analysis techniques for capacity planning. (PhD thesis).


A-1988-1 A. Inkeri Verkamo: Sorting in hierarchical memories. (PhD thesis).
A-1988-2 Kai Koskimies & Tapio Elomaa & Tapio Lehtonen & Jukka Paakki: TOOLS/HLP84 report and user manual. (Rev. in 1989).
A-1988-3 Niklas Holsti: Incremental Matlab - a program with an incremental user interface.
A-1988-4 Heikki Mannila & Esko Ukkonen: Time parameter and arbitrary deunions in the set union problem.
A-1988-5 Martti Tienari & Kari Aaltonen & Jaana Eloranta & Jukka Keskinen & Kari Lehtinen & Lea Summanen & Kalle Tarpila & Ismo Turunen: PROTAN88 - a software tool for verifying communication protocols specified with an extended state transition model.
A-1988-6 Henry Tirri (ed): Interoperability of heterogeneous information systems: interim report of the COST 11ter project.
A-1988-7 Osmo Peitsalo & Jorma Tarhio (toim./eds): Tietojenkäsittelyopin laitoksen tutkimusraportteja 1986-87 (Research reports at the Department of Computer Science 1986-87).
A-1988-8 Jukka Paakki: Generating one-pass semantic analysis for a compiler. (Ph.Lic. thesis).
A-1988-9 Masataka Sassa: Incremental attribute evaluation and parsing based on ECLR-attributed grammars.
A-1988-10 Kari Lehtinen: Experiences in using Estelle in X.411/P1 protocol specification.
A-1988-11 Jorma Tarhio: Attribute grammars for one-pass compilation. (PhD thesis).
A-1988-12 Kai Koskimies & Merik Meriste: Experiences with class-based implementation of programming languages.
A-1988-13 Eeva Hartikainen: Specification and design of distributed programs that use broadcasting. (Ph.Lic. thesis).


A-1987-1 Pekka Kilpeläinen & Heikki Mannila & Jukka Riivari & Esko Ukkonen: Helsinki Prolog language - reference manual.
A-1987-2 Pekka Kilpeläinen & Heikki Mannila & Jukka Riivari & Asko Suorsa & Marja Tiainen & Esko Ukkonen: Helsinki Prolog System (HPS) - user guide.
A-1987-3 Pekka Kilpeläinen & Heikki Mannila & Jukka Riivari & Asko Suorsa & Marja Tiainen & Esko Ukkonen: Helsinki Prolog System (HPS) - system overview.


A-1986-1 Osmo Peitsalo & Jorma Tarhio (toim./eds): Tietojenkäsittelyopin laitoksen tutkimusraportteja 1984-85 (Research reports at the Department of Computer Science 1984-85).
A-1986-2 Ilkka Haikala: Program behaviour in memory hierarchies. (PhD thesis).
A-1986-3 Pekka Orponen: The structure of polynomial complexity cores. (PhD thesis).
A-1986-4 Kai Koskimies & Otto Nurmi & Jukka Paakki & Seppo Sippu: The design of the language processor generator HLP84.


A-1985-1 Heikki Mannila: Instance complexity for sorting and NP-complete problems. (PhD thesis).


A-1984-1 Osmo Peitsalo & Jorma Tarhio (toim./eds): Tietojenkäsittelyopin laitoksen tutkimusraportteja 1983 (Research reports at the Department of Computer Science).


A-1983-1 Kari-Jouko Räihä & Mikko Saarinen & Matti Sarjakoski & Seppo Sippu & Eljas Soisalon-Soininen & Martti Tienari: Revised report on the compiler writing system HLP78.
A-1983-2 Osmo Peitsalo & Jorma Tarhio (toim./eds): Tietojenkäsittelyopin laitoksen tutkimusraportteja 1982 (Research reports at the Department of Computer Science).
A-1983-3 Timo Alanko: Empirical studies of program behaviour in virtual memory. (PhD thesis).
A-1983-4 Kai Koskimies: Extensions of one-pass attribute grammars. (PhD thesis).


A-1982-1 Osmo Peitsalo & Jorma Tarhio (toim./eds): Tietojenkäsittelyopin laitoksen tutkimusraportteja 1981 (Research reports at the Department of Computer Science 1981).
A-1982-2 Kai Koskimies: An experience on language implementation using attribute grammars.
A-1982-3 Seppo Linnainmaa: Fortran implementation of the error linearization method for automatic error analysis.
A-1982-4 Jorma Tarhio: Attribute evaluation during LR parsing. (Ph.Lic. thesis).
A-1982-5 Ilkka Haikala & Petri Kutvonen: Design and implementation of the Mopo minicomputer system.


A-1981-1 Seppu Sippu: Syntax error handling in compilers. (PhD thesis).
A-1981-2 Osmo Peitsalo & Jorma Tarhio (toim./eds): Tietojenkäsittelyopin laitoksen tutkimusraportteja 1980 (Research reports at the Department of Computer Science 1980).
A-1981-3 Jorma Sajaniemi: A proposal for expressing coroutines and its description by three models.
A-1981-4 Kari-Jouko Räihä: A space management technique for multi-pass attribute evaluators. (PhD thesis).


A-1980-1 V-E. Juhani Virkkunen: A unified approach to floating-point rounding with applications to multiple-precision summation. (PhD thesis).
A-1980-2 Kai Koskimies: A study on the programming language Euclid. (Ph.Lic. thesis).
A-1980-3 Hannu Erkiö: Using special instructions to speed certain internal sort algorithms.
A-1980-4 Hannu Erkiö: Studies on the efficiency of certain internal sort algorithms. (PhD thesis).


A-1979-1 Hannu Erkiö: On heapsort and its dependence on input data. (Ph.Lic. thesis).


A-1978-1 Hannu Erkiö & Eero Peltola: Algorithms for experimental analysis of some internal sorting methods.
A-1978-2 Kari-Jouko Räihä & Mikko Saarinen & Eljas Soisalon-Soininen & Martti Tienari: The compiler writing system HLP (Helsinki Language Processor).
A-1978-3 Seppo Linnainmaa & Heikki Lokki & Esko Ukkonen & Inkeri Verkamo: Algol Elastic, a programming language for analyzing numerical stability and its implementation.
A-1978-4 Ralph-Johan Back: On the correctness of refinement steps in program development. (PhD thesis).


A-1977-1 Hannu Erkiö & Jorma Sajaniemi & Antti Salava: An implementation of Pascal on the Burroughs B6700.
A-1977-2 Kari-Jouko Räihä & Jorma Sajaniemi & Esko Ukkonen: Ohjelmointikielten määrittelyn ja toteutuksen englantilais-suomalainen sanasto (English-Finnish vocabulary of the definition and implementation of programming languages).
A-1977-3 Eljas Soisalon-Soininen: Characterization of LL(k) languages by restricted LR(k) grammars. (PhD thesis).
A-1977-4 Kari-Jouko Räihä: On attribute grammars and their use in a compiler writing system. (Ph.Lic. thesis).
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