28.11. 2018

The board of ATM-DP has assessed the 16 eligible applications received for the university funded doctoral candidate positions starting in January 2019. The board has decided to award the positions to Madeleine Ekblom and Jussi Tiira.

Madeleine Ekblom has submitted one article and she has started her PhD studies in 2018. She will study parametric uncertainties in idealised models and in numerical weather prediction models. She will use and develop methods for parameter optimisation in order to better understand uncertainties of model parameters in numerical weather prediction models.

Jussi Tiira has already earlier gotten a one-year grant from ATM-DP. He will study the microphysics of falling snow an how it is formed using remote sensing and in-situ observations in order to improve our understanding on the related processes and their representation in numerical atmospheric models. He will also demonstrate how the results can be used for improving radar based precipitation estimation.

ATM-DP congratulates the successful candidates and wishes to thank all the applicants!

As of 1.8.2017 a doctoral degree at the Doctoral Programme in Atmospheric sciences consists of

  • a doctoral dissertation
  • scientific studies (at least 30 credits), and
  • studies in transferrable skills (10 credits).

The scientific studies consist of discipline-specific studies supporting the thesis research work as well as a course in research ethics. Compulsory courses in this module are: Research ethics (DONAS-401), 1 credit, Advanced analysis of atmosphere-surface interactions and feedbacks (ATMDP-003), 5 credits, and Postgraduate seminar (ATMDP-002), 2 credits. The course Climate change now (ATM-302), 5 credits, is recommended if the student does not possess necessary knowledge of climate change. The course Literature review in thesis subject (ATMDP-001), 1 credits, is recommended if the student does not have necessary knowledge of literature. Other courses in the module must be advanced-level courses in the master programme of atmospheric sciences which support the dissertation work. The courses can also be arranged by other institutes. The supervising professor will decide if the courses are suitable for the module.

The requirements for transferrable skills studies are common to all programmes of the Doctoral School in Natural Sciences and consist of

  • courses in different skills related to academic work (at least 4 cr; codes DONAS-1** or PED-5** or other suitable courses)
  • international activity and mobility (1-4 cr; codes DONAS-2**)
  • societal communication and organising tasks (codes DONAS-3**)

Information on degree requirements and courses offered can be found from the WebOodi Course Catalogue Service.

More information on the degree structure is also available on the University's general website on doctoral education.

Instructions for doctoral candidates on transferring to new degree structure (more detailed information can be found on Flamma).

Students in the new degree system

This form can be used for the registration of study modules for doctoral students who are completing their degree according to the new degree structures (40 ECTS).

Students in the old degree system

This form is used to register the study modules completed for the doctoral degree according to the previous study requirements (min. 60 credits). Fill in two forms (discipline-specific and general competence studies) with the studies you want to incorporate to your doctoral degree and give them to your responsible professor or responsible person of your studies. He/she revises and accepts the study modules. The signed forms are submitted to kumpula-student@helsinki.fi. If you need help with filling in the forms, please send e-mail to kumpula-student@helsinki.fi

Make sure that you ask for the registration of your studies as soon as possible. The registration of tradional lecture courses is done by the teacher. To register other studies (conference presentations, research visits, other scientific activity), please read the instructions in Weboodi. Usually your supervising professor grants the credits for these. He/she can then send the request for the registration to kumpula-register (at) helsinki.fi.

Instructions for defending your PhD can be found here.

The Doctoral Programme in Atmospheric Sciences offers both individual supervision and horizontal peer support for all doctoral candidates. Each candidate has up to three supervisors in order to ensure the required level of close contact with the student, level of academic expertise, and multi-disciplinary supervision. Additionally, all the candidates meet regularly in a guidance group, where students, post-doctoral researchers and professors share and acquire useful information both in practical and scientific issues.

The Programme carefully looks after the continuous planning and follow-up of the doctoral studies and of the succesfull co-operation between the candidate and the supervisors.