Courses and events

Many of the skills doctoral candidates acquire are transferable as candidates become excellent problem solvers, learn to present their ideas both orally and in writing and get experienced in project management. To further this learning and promote active career planning both inside and outside academia DONASCI organises targeted courses in transferable skills. Topical research courses are organised by the doctoral programmes and departments.

The courses organised by the school are primarily intended for doctoral candidates of the school. If the number of course applicants exceeds the number of available seats, the participants are selected in this order:

  1. Doctoral candidates in DONASCI doctoral programmes in order of registration
  2. Doctoral candidates in other doctoral schools of the University of Helsinki in order of registration
  3. Others in order of registration

Conference presentation (DONAS-102)

(2 ECTS)
The course is lectured twice in the spring.
The first course is  10.1.-14.2.2019, Thu 9-13, and the second 11.4.-23.5.2019, Thursday 9-12.
Teacher: Grainne Lehtipuu
Registration: Weboodi (registrations open 3.12.-26.12. and 25.2.-27.3.)

Grant writing 1 (DONAS-103)

(1 ECTS)
11.-25.2.2019, Mon at 9-12
Teacher: Vanessa Fuller
Registration: Weboodi (registration open 31.12.-27.1.)

Scientific writing (DONAS-101)

(2 ECTS)
28.2.-4.4.2019, Thu at 9-13

Teacher: Grainne Lehtipuu
Registration: Weboodi (registration open 7.1.-13.2.)

Grant writing 2 (DONAS-104)

(1 ECTS)
8.-22.3.2019, Fri at 9-12

Teacher: Vanessa Fuller
Registration: Weboodi (registration open 28.1.-21.2.)

Project management and leadership (DONAS-107)

(3 ECTS)

Teacher: Sergey Nesterov
Detailed schedule of the course.
Registration: Weboodi (registration open 18.2.-18.3)

Ef­fi­cient Com­mu­nic­a­tion and Con­vin­cing Speech (DO­NAS-109/​YEB-111) (2 ECTS)

5.4., 10.-11.4.2019
Teacher: Assoc. Prof. in Rhetoric Mika Hietanen
After completion of the course, the student has a firm grasp of the fundamentals of efficient communication, with a focus on verbal presentations. Through lecturers and exercises, the course deals with those aspects of communication that are relevant for formulating a clear and convincing message, and for delivering this message to varied audiences. The course is recommended for PhD-students who want to improve their skills in  giving presentations or talks both to academic and non-academic audiences.

The course will be implemented together with the DONASCI doctoral school (15+15 students)

Friday 5.4. 2019 (9-16) at Athena, seminar room 302, Siltavuorenpenger 3a

  • 9-12 lecture: What is successful communication
  • 13-16 lecture: Preparing a succesfull speech

Tuesday 9.4. noon, deadline for speech and debate manuscripts

Wednesday 10.4. (Athena 302, Siltavuorenpenger 3a)

  • 9-12 Lecture: The convincing speaker
  • 13-16 Debate workshop (Minerva K113)

Thursday 11.4. (Athena, room 261, Siltavuorenpenger 3a)

  • 9-12 Group A: Speech-Workshop
  • 13-16 Group B: Speech-Workshop

In addition  to the speech-workshops, also the lectures are compulsory. In addition to active participation, the course includes some reading and assignments, which are presented during the first lecture. For the workshops, please choose either gropu A or B. All days include a lunch break and a coffee break.

Pre-required knowledge: None
Registration in WebOodi

PhD Career Course (2 ECTS)


​Organizers: UH doctoral schools (HYMY, DONASCI, DSHealth, YEB) and UH Career Services

Registration in WebOOdi. Deadline for registration is 30.4. at 23.55.

Principles of peer review (DONAS-105)

(1 ECTS)
17.5.-31.5.2019, Fri at 9-12

Registration: Weboodi (registration open 1.4.-2.5.)

Pro­ject Man­age­ment and Lead­er­ship (​DO­NAS-107/YEB-112)

29, 30 and 31.10 and 1.11.2019 (Viikki) 9-17
Teacher: Sergey Nesterov
Registration in WebOodi

Leading a Creative Organization (DONAS-113)

(2 ECTS)
5.11 a 9.15-16.30, 19.11. 13.15-16.30, 26.11 13.15-16.30, 3.12 at 13.15-16.30

Place: Viikki, Kumpula
Teacher: Virpi Haavisto

Oletko kiinnostunut tieteen, asiantuntijuuden ja julkisuuden suhteesta sekä viestintätaitojesi kehittämisestä?

Tiedeviestinnän opintokokonaisuuteen valitaan vuosittain 20 jatko-opiskelijaa. Haku järjestetään aina keväällä syksyllä alkavaan opetukseen. Opetuksessa käsitellään mm. tieteen ja asiantuntijuuden roolia yhteiskunnassa ja julkisuudessa, median toimintaperiaatteita, sosiaalisen median roolia ja käyttöä tiedeviestinnässä, tutkimuksen popularisointia sekä harjoitellaan käytännön viestintätaitoja yhteistyössä journalistien ja muiden viestinnän ammattilaisten kanssa. Opetukseen kuuluu kontaktiopetusta, työpajoja ja käytännön harjoittelua. Opiskelu on maksutonta.

Opintokokonaisuuteen valitaan jatko-opiskelijoita kaikista tohtoriohjelmista ja tutkijakouluista eikä aiempaa osaamista vaadita. Opiskelijoiksi pyritään saamaan motivoituneita opiskelijoita monipuolisesti eri tiedekunnista. Tiedeviestinnän opintoja tarjotaan vuosittain viiden kurssin verran eli yhteensä 25 opintopisteen edestä.

Mikäli suoritat tiedeviestinnän opintoja 10-15 opintopistettä, voit sisällyttää ne yleisten valmiustaitojen kokonaisuuteen. Mikäli haluat suorittaa tiedeviestinnästä tätä laajemman, oman 20-25 opintopisteen kokonaisuuden, tulee sinun varautua suorittamaan yleiset valmiustaitovaatimukset joillakin muilla kursseilla.

kts. lisää täältä

The school organizes events and lectures. These include yearly recreation days and Christmas parties, orientation day for new doctoral candidates and quest lectures.

Grant writing 1, DONAS-103

1 credit

The lectures are 20.8.-3.9.2018, Mon 9-12.

Teacher: Vanessa Fuller

Registration: Weboodi (registration open 16.7.-5.8.)

Scientific writing, DONAS-101

2 credits

The course is lectured twice in the autumn. First course is 4.9.-9.10.2018, Tue 13-16 , and the second 25.10.-29.11.2018, Thursday 9-12.

Teacher: Grainne Lehtipuu

Registration: Weboodi (registrations open 23.7.-20.8. and 10.9.-10.10.)

Conference presentation, DONAS-102

2 credits

The course is lectured twice in the autumn. The first course 6.9.-11.10.2018, Thu 9-13, and the second 23.10.-27.11.2018, Tuesday 13-16.

Teacher: Grainne Lehtipuu

Registration: Weboodi (registrations open 6.9.-11.10. and 10.9.-8.10.)

Career opportunities & job application, DONAS-112

2 credits

How to pre­pare for ap­ply­ing for a job

Time: 2.10-11.12.2018

Teachers: Career Counselor Minna-Rosa Kanniainen from University of Helsinki Career Services

More information about the course.

Registration: Weboodi (registration open: 15.8-14.9.2018)

Sci­ence com­mu­nic­a­tion YEB-111/ DO­NAS-106

2 credits

FIRST MEETING 14.9.2018 at 9-16  at Viikki (Poster theory and instructions for posters, access to online poster creation tutorials/ demoing the software.

COURSE AT COUNTRYSIDE: 9.–11.10. 2018 (9–18), Place: Espoo,Kaisankoti: Rhetorics, RADIO workshop +presentation skills, popular writing, poster workshop. Nice time together, activities!

Teachers: Mika Hietanen, Andreas Dahlin, Pirjo Koskinen, Mia Pätsi, Petri Nummi

Programme: coming more...

Lecture: The ‘Secrets’ of Efficient Communication. Communicating one’s message is a task that is both exciting and demanding at the same time. In this lecture, Mika Hietanen presents some of the fundamental and timeless qualities of persuasive communication. These qualities can be formulated as principles that are useful for both oral and written communication, and an indispensable help in preparing convincing speeches and texts.

Workshop 1: Rhetoric & Public Speaking. During this workshop, the attendees give and get response on prepared three-minute speeches. The aim is to empower the participants to talk in front of an audience in a successful manner. The focus will be on two aspects: the manner in which the content is presented (relates the preparations), and on the actual delivery. Please note that participation requires that you send in a manuscript that follows the guidelines for this preparatory assignment A. Ideally, your speech relates to an issue central to your own research, or your field. No slides are used.

Worskhop 2: Debate. Here we stage a debate between teams, pro et contra some research related issue. We follow a simplified structure of a European debate competition format. We prepare on-site (no pre-assigment).

The lecture and workshop 1 and 2 are given by Mika Hietanen, Associate Professor in Rhetoric at Uppsala University. His interests draw on Classical insights from antiquity, as well as on modern research, especially on argumentation. LinkedIn-profile

Workshop 3: Posterworkshop given by Andreas Dahlin:  Doctoral candidates will get access to online material where Andreas show how the can create a poster from scratch in an Illustrator software. Participants will have three weeks to create their poster and at Espoo posters are shown during the first part and then get some feedback, adjustments during the second part , and a poster session.

Workshop 4: Radioworkshop given by Pirjo Koskinen: Use of different media from the point of an journalist

Workshop 5: Performance workshop given by Mia Pätsi: The workshop includes voice exercises and stage presence and exercises to reduce stage fright.Mia Pätsi is an actress and Master of Arts in Theatre and Drama

Workshop 6: Popular writing given by Petri Nummi. Cover press releases and popular science articles. Similarities and differences in preparing presentations/papers for lay audiences vs. the scientific community.


Research Eth­ics, On­line course, DONAS-401

The course is 1 ECTS and comprises of 27 hours of independent study.
Course outline

The course runs over 4 weeks online October 2018

Teacher: Simo Kyllönen

Please register in Weboodi: DONAS-401

Research Eth­ics, Work­shop course

The course is 1 ECTS and comprises of 2 workshop days.

24.10 and 31.10.2018 at 12-16

Please register in weboodi: YEB-114