Salaried doctoral candidate positions

Employed, grant-funded or self-funded? At the University of Helsinki, a doctoral degree may be completed through either full- or part-time study. Doctoral students may receive funding from the University of Helsinki or one of its departments, institutes or faculties, a research project, foundation, association or some other external funder. They may also fund their own studies or pursue their degree in tandem with work. About a third of all doctoral students are in an employment relationship with the University and are thus members of University staff.

In the autumn 2018 round of applications, the four-year salaried position was granted to the following doctoral candidates:

Viivi Eskelinen
Nanne Isokuortti
Viljami Kankaanpää-Kukkonen
Jennifer de Paola
Iris Pykäläinen
Sanna Vellava
Emma Villman


2019 spring call for funded doctoral candidates

Doctoral Programme in Social Sciences invites applications for two (2) funded doctoral candidate positions for a 4 year period starting from 1.8.2019.

The application period is 2.4. - 15.4.2019.

Please follow the instructions on the University of Helsinki Open positions page to submit your application.

General guidelines

Successful candidates are normally required to work full time and to complete their doctorates by the end of the four-year period. This funding is primarily intended for new doctoral candidates who have just begun, or are about to begin, their doctoral studies at the University of Helsinki. Candidates who have held a right to study towards a PhD at Helsinki and have studied full-time for more than one year but less than two years (24 months), may also apply; in such cases, it must be demonstrated that there is at least two years remaining before completion of the applicant’s PhD studies. Preference will be given to candidates who are at the beginning of their studies.

Applicants should have a Master’s degree or equivalent in a field that is relevant to the research topic. Applicants should either already have the right to pursue a doctoral degree at the University of Helsinki or be applying for it. In case an applicant is applying for both the study right and the salaried position, they must be appointed at least one main supervisor who will be available to supervise the doctoral research to its completion. It is thus important that candidates familiarize themselves with the research and skills of the staff in the field in which they wish to work, and, if possible, secure the agreement of at least one member of staff to act as a potential supervisor.

Applicants should complete the application, and include all the required attachments. Select the “field of research” from the menu bar. The “field of research” must be one of the disciplines or multi-disciplinary research areas that belong to the doctoral programme. This listing determines the discipline that most closely aligns with your past education and your research interests; it does not have to be an exact match. If your research comes somewhere between two or more disciplines, or you are uncertain about your discipline, please add further information in the open field below the menu options.

Please remember to provide precise information on your previous and current funding for the proposed research. Candidates who have already received funding for a total period of 23 months or more are not eligible to apply.

The appointee must obtain the right to pursue a doctoral degree at the University of Helsinki by the start of the appointment. As a rule, the positions are filled from 1 January onwards. The exact start and end dates will be specified in the employment contract.

The appointee must have a high-quality research proposal, which shows the links between the planned dissertation research and the research and supervision expertise available within the doctoral programme. Other requirements include proven ability and motivation, demonstrated through previous degree studies or otherwise, to pursue postgraduate studies and a doctoral degree according to the study plan and research proposal.

Fluency in English language is required.

Supervisor’s statement about the applicant is not compulsory in this doctoral programme. However, this is mistakenly asked for in the application form. Please, submit an empty page.