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Social Research Seminar Series

Social Research Seminar Series is a seminar series of the Doctoral Programme in Social Sciences. Social Research Seminar Series is a set of talks given by speakers representing the disciplines of the Doctoral Programme. The talks are open to everyone interested.

8th February
Guest lecturer: Bill Maurer
Title: “The Racial Capitalism of Blockchain: Alternative Markets for Human-Computer Flourishing or Computational Slavery?”
Venue: U35, room 114
Time: 2 - 4 pm

22nd March
Guest lecturer: Danilyn Rutherford
Title: “The Sovereignty of Vulnerability”
Venue: U35, room 114
Time: 2 - 4 pm

16th April
Guest lecturer: Jolanda Jetten
Title: “Unlocking the social cure: How group memberships are key to health and well-being”
Venue: Soc&Kom, room 210 (Please note the different day and venue!)
Time: 2 - 4 pm

26th April
Guest lecturer: James Liu
Title: “Generational and Intergenerational Collective Remembering: Evidence for Global Narratives, Region-Culture Influences, and National Political Cultures across 42 Societies"
Venue: U35, room 114
Time: 2 - 4 pm

17th May
Guest lecturer: Tania Bosqui
Title: “Ethnic density and risk of mental ill health - The case of religious sectarianism in Northern Ireland”
Venue: Soc&Kom, room 234
Time: 2 - 4 pm

China workshop

The visibility and the invisibility of authority in China: on contemporary dynamics of secrecy, power and heritage.

1st of April

Guest speakers:

  • Harriet Evans, University of Westminster
  • Stephan Feuchtwang, London School of Economics
  • Sam Geall, University of Sussex
  • Anni Kajanus, University of Helsinki
  • Hans Steinmüller, London School of Economics

Venue: Unioninkatu 37, Conference Room 1055 (Faculty Meeting Room)

Time: 13.30 -17.00

Please use the following link to register:


Annual Conference


The event will bring together PhD candidates, supervisors, and junior and senior-level researchers from different disciplines. The conference consists of plenary sessions and workshops where doctoral candidates have the opportunity to present their papers and receive feedback from peers, colleagues, professors, and experts in their fields. We warmly welcome doctoral candidates to present their research at the conference!

2019: The 6th Annual Conference for the Doctoral Programme in Political, Societal and Regional Change and the Doctoral Programme in Social Sciences, University of Helsinki.

Time: 21-22 October
Venue: Metsätalo, Unioninkatu 40

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