Need help? Looking for a supervisor? From this page, you'll find the contact information for the administrative personnel the doctoral programme, as well as information on the steering group of the programme and the supervisors of the programme.

Doctoral Programme in Philosophy, Arts, and Society
P.O. Box 4
00014 University of Helsinki
Info: hymy-doc(at)

Planning Officer
Päivi Väätänen

Postgraduate Student Services for the Faculty of Arts (questions related to applying for doctoral study rights, doctoral study rights and the examination of doctoral theses)

Persons supervising dissertations within the doctoral programme:


Applicant: Available below is a listing of the current supervisors in the Doctoral Programme in Philosophy, Arts and Society. To help you get a better grasp of the research interests of each supervisor, the name of each supervisor has been linked to their research profile in the University’s research database TUHAT. Researchers from outside the listing can be accepted as supervisors if they fill the criteria placed on supervision in the doctoral programme’s selection criteria (see above). Please note that the list is updated manually and we cannot always guarantee that it’s fully up-to-date. When you contact potential supervisors to agree on supervision arrangements, please make sure that the person you have contacted fills the criteria placed on supervision in the programme’s selection criteria. Submitting an application without a preliminary agreement from at least one supervisor, who is in a permanent or long-term employment to the faculty awarding the applicants target degree, is not possible.

Supervisor: Is your name missing from the list? To have it added, please contact the programme’s planning officer Päivi Väätänen ( Supervisors added to the list must either be employed by the University of Helsinki or be someone who, for example, is actively carrying out research on a personal research funding in the University of Helsinki and is willing to take on new doctoral students. If you are no longer a supervisor in the Doctoral Programme, please inform Päivi Väätänen.

Department of Philosophy, History and Art Studies
Bacon, Henry (Professor, Film and Television Studies)
Brax, Klaus (University Lecturer, Comparative Literature)
Haapala, Arto (Professor, Aesthetics)
Kantola, Janna (University Lecturer, Comparative Literature)
Korsberg, Hanna (Professor, Theater Research)
Kuisma, Oiva (University Lecturer, Aesthetics)
Laakkonen, Johanna (University Lecturer, Theater Research)
Lammenranta, Markus (University Lecturer, Theoretical Philosophy)
Lasonen-Aarnio, Maria (Associate Professor, Theoretical Philosophy)
Lassfolk, Kai (Professor, Musicology)
Lindén, Jan-Ivar (University Lecturer, Philosophy)
Mikkonen, Kai (University Lecturer, Comparative Literature)
Negri, Sara (Professor, Theoretical Philosophy)
Niiniluoto, Ilkka (Professor Emer., Theoretical Philosophy)
Padilla, Alfonso (University Lecturer Emer., Musicology)
Pereira da Silva, José Felipe (Professor, Theoretical Philosophy)
Pylkkänen, Paavo (University Lecturer, Theoretical Philosophy)
Pyrhönen, Heta (Professor, Comparative Literature)
Riikonen, Hannu K. (Professor Emer., Comparative Literature)
Saarikangas, Kirsi (Professor, Art History)
Sandu, Gabriel (Professor, Theoretical Philosophy)
Sintonen, Matti (Professor, Theoretical Philosophy)
Tahko, Tuomas (University Lecturer, Theoretical Philosophy)
Tarasti, Eero (Professor Emer., Musicology)
Torvinen, Juha (University Lecturer, Musicology)
von Plato, Jan (Professor, Philosophy)
Wallgren, Thomas (University Lecturer, Philosophy)

Department Languages
Flanagan, Joseph (University Lecturer, English Philology)
Helkkula, Mervi (Professor, French Philology)
Hellman, Ben (University Lecturer, Russian Language and Literature)
Huttunen, Tomi (Professor, Russian Language and Literature)
Keinänen, Nely (University Lecturer, English Philology)
Klapuri, Tintti (University Lecturer, Russian Language and Literature)
Obatnine, Guennadi (University Lecturer, Russian Language and Literature)
Pettersson, Bo (Professor, United States Literature)
Polvinen, Merja (University Lecturer, English Philology)
Salenius, Maria (University Lecturer, English Philology)
Shackleton, Mark (University Lecturer, English Philology)
Sklar, Howard (University Lecturer, English Philology)
Suomela-Härmä, Elina (Professor Emer., Italian Philology)
Tuomarla, Ulla (University Lecturer, French Philology)

Department of Finnish, Finno-Ugrian and Scandinavian Studies
Andersen, Hadle (University Lecturer, Scandinavian Literature)
Haapala, Vesa (University Lecturer, Finnish Literature)
Hollsten, Anna (University Lecturer, Finnish Literature)
Lillqvist, Holger (University Lecturer, Finnish Literature)
Lyytikäinen, Pirjo (Professor, Finnish Literature)
Malmio, Kristina (University Lecturer, Scandinavian Literature)
Nummi, Jyrki (Professor, Finnish Literature)
Witt-Brattström, Ebba (Professor, Scandinavian Literature)

Department of Digital Humanities
Alina Leminen (University Lecturer, Cognitive Science)
Anna-Mari Rusanen (University Lecturer, Cognitive Science)
Vainio, Martti (Professor, Phonetics)

The Faculty of Social Sciences
Airaksinen, Timo (Professor, Social and Moral Philosophy)
Kauppinen, Antti (Professor, Social and Moral Philosophy)
Klockars, Kristian (University Lecturer, Social and Moral Philosophy)
Lehtinen, Aki (Professor, Social and Moral Philosophy)
Lemetti, Juhana (Docent, Social and Moral Philosophy)
Loukola, Olli (University Lecturer, Social and Moral Philosophy)
Martini, Carlo (Postdoctoral Researcher, Social and Moral Philosophy)
Mäkelä, Pekka (Project Coordinator, Social and Moral Philosophy)
Mäki, Uskali (Professor, Social and Moral Philosophy)
Nagatsu, Michiru (Associate Professor, Social and Moral Philosophy)
Takala, Tuija (Docent, Social and Moral Philosophy)
Toppinen, Teemu (University Lecturer, Social and Moral Philosophy)
Tuomela, Raimo (Professor Emer., Social and Moral Philosophy)
Ylikoski, Petri (Professor, Sociology)

Other Faculties
Emma Vitikainen (University Researcher, ecology and  evolutionary biology)