The appointee must have the right to pursue a doctoral degree at the University of Helsinki by the start of the appointment. If you do not yet have the right to study, you can apply for it in this application round if you are eligible for doctoral studies (more information: The appointee for a salaried position must have an approved research proposal.

The most important evaluation criteria are the high quality and feasibility of the research proposal. Other requirements include the ability and motivation, as demonstrated through previous degree studies or otherwise, to pursue postgraduate studies and a doctoral degree according to the study plan and research proposal, as well as the readiness to operate in a multi-disciplinary research environment. A successful applicant must have the language skills required for the completion of the dissertation research as well as good command of Finnish, Swedish or English.

The steering committee of the Doctoral Programme in History and Cultural Heritage has decided to nominate the following applicants for funded doctoral candidate position for the period of 2019–2022 (1–4 year terms):

  • Petra Lehtoruusu
  • Harri Lindroos (Faculty of Arts’ Digital Humanities position)
  • Annika Pöysä
  • Esa Ruotsalainen
  • Mikko Suha
  • Juho Wilskman

The programme congratulates the successful candidates and wishes to thank all applicants. The next call for applications will be in the fall of 2019.